Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Doing His Best To Shake His Soft Label

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
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At this point in Chris Bosh’s career, you would think that a 31-point, six rebound night wouldn’t be a big deal . After all, the 10-year vet is a soon-to-be nine time All-Star, two-time NBA champion and gold medal winning Olympian. So those types of games should be normal suit for what most perceive as a future Hall of Famer.

However, once Bosh joined the Miami Heat all expectations went out the window. Critics even dubbed them the “Big Two and a Half” as if he wasn’t a key part of their championship equation.

It’s like they forgot the way he used to put up numbers in Toronto. But the criticism was partially his fault because he often became passive while watching LeBron James and Dwyane Wade highlight the bill. And as a result fans figured that he couldn’t hang — similar to Pau Gasol with the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Before I came here,” Bosh says of signing with the Heat in the 2010 offseason. “That’s when the Lakers were rolling, were going to three Finals in a row and people were saying [Gasol] wasn’t good enough and he didn’t have enough what it takes. (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)

Not only did people think that both Bosh and Gasol did not have what it takes, they thought that the players were soft. ESPN’s Skip Bayless even went as far as ridiculing Miami’s third wheel by calling him “Bosh Spice,” which he later rescinded when the center started to put up numbers like the ones we saw Thursday night.

The only problem is that too often Bosh’s aggression only comes when one — or two — of his stars are missing. Fortunately for Miami, he’ll have plenty of time to shoot his career-high 53 percent from the field and swoosh threes with D-Wade out.

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