Minnesota Timberwolves PF Kevin Love Finally Named All Star Game Starter

By Dave Daniels
Kevin Love
Greg Smith – USA TODAY Sports

Power forward Kevin Love was recently named an All Star starter for the first time, and there is still justice in the world. Know that LaMarcus Aldridge was deserving as well, but this almost feels like a lifetime achievement award for Love.

“Hey, I’m popular now,” Love said to NBA.com. “It’s very humbling to me to be starting in the All-Star game. I tip my hat to the fans in the Twin Cities and all over Minnesota and beyond.”

The All Star game is always one of my favorite weekends of sports even though there are virtually no stakes. That is part of the fun of it for me though, and watching Love light it up in New Orleans should be a fun time. He will most likely not win the MVP for the game, because it is rare for a big man to win it. The West will probably win the game though, because the roster is so much deeper. Actually, love Zach Lowe’s idea on Grantland to add two more spots on the Eastern team to be reserved for the West. The league would never be creative enough to implement something like that though, but we can all still dream can’t we? Got a couple more pieces coming your way tonight, and then keep an eye out for more tomorrow. Fresh hot cakes!

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