Picking the Best Lineup for the 2014 NBA Dunk Contest

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Slam Dunk Contest's Perfect Lineup

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Despite the fact that the NBA All-Star Game is the one that gets the majority of the world’s attention during the All-Star Weekend, that is not the only event to be held at the New Orleans Arena during the middle of February.

There are other events like the Rookie Challenge, the Skills Competition and the Three-Point Challenge, but they don’t have the appeal of what’s arguably the most spectacular event of the entire weekend: The Slam Dunk Contest.

The best dunkers in the league are often invited to take part in the event, and even though there are some players who never accept the chance to take part of the competition – like LeBron James – others are willing to participate. Their performance in the competition can easily give them more notoriety around the NBA.

The participants haven’t been announced yet, but that doesn’t stop us from creating the best possible list for the upcoming event. Three guys from each conference have been selected and they present the perfect mix of power, athleticism and creativity to make the contest one of the best in recent years.

Some of the best players in the league have been included in the contest. While some others might be considered as ‘one-trick’ ponies, they are among the best of the best in the dunking department and every move they complete is a huge spectacle. Imagine what would happen if they decided to take part in the competition.

Eager to find out who am I talking about? Read on in the slideshow to check the best lineup for the upcoming 2014 NBA Dunk Contest.

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6. East: Paul George

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Paul George ascended to superstar status this season, but aside from being very effective on the court he can also dunk with the best of them. He has already produced some highlight reels this year, and he would be a treat to watch in another Slam Dunk Contest.

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5. East: DeMar DeRozan

Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Raptors’ shooting guard is one of the most athletically-gifted players in the NBA, and his huge vertical and creativity in the air make him a great candidate to participate in the event.

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4. East: LeBron James

Douglas Jones - USA TODAY Sports

This is very unlikely to happen as LeBron James has repeatedly declined invitations to participate in the contest, but he would gather plenty of attention if he decides to enter. He has gottn used to posterizing opposing defenses in recent years, and he has enough athleticism to put on a show with lots of space to move and creativity to do anything he wants.

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3. West: Nate Robinson

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Nate Robinson is one of the smallest guys, but at the same time he is one of the best dunkers in all of the NBA. Watching him dunk the ball at full energy is an absolute joy, and he already won the contest once. Getting a second win would be a huge triumph for one of the most electrifying guys in the NBA.

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2. West: Blake Griffin

Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Blake Griffin jumped over a car to win a Slam Dunk Competition a few years ago,and he has plenty of highlight reels in his years with Los Angeles Clippers. He is widely considered one of the best dunkers in the league and a one-man show when attacking the rim in open space.

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1. West: Gerald Green

Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

Have you seen this guy jump? He’s the sickest dunker in the NBA, and he is a perennial candidate to win the contest every time he decides to participate.