Tim Duncan and San Antonio Spurs Greatest Of All Time?

By Greg Douglas
Tim Duncan Tony Parker Manu Ginobili
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs declawed the Atlanta Hawks Friday in a game that sent fans at Phillips Arena to the exits early.

While the Hawks looked as lifeless as one of Gregg Popovich‘s interview in the defeat, Tim Duncan stole the show and produced a vintage performance as he continues his dominance as the greatest power forward in the NBA. The Spurs are perennial contenders with the core still intact and look poised to make another run at a championship, but can the ageing team continue to find the fountain of youth?

The Spurs defeated the Hawks by a score of 105-79, even with the stars of the team playing limited minutes. Duncan and Tony Parker played only 27 minutes in the victory, but produced outstanding quality while on the floor. While Duncan had a double-double recording 17 points and 16 rebounds, Parker scored 11 points and dished out seven assists. The big fundamental continued one of the best seasons of his career and the wily veteran still appears to have a lot left in the tank.

Duncan has become the Peyton Manning of the NBA in more ways than one throughout his career. Both are arguably the greatest ever to play their respective positions, while lacking flash and electrifying ability others in the sport possess. Both players are very fundamentally driven and thrive in the “good guy” spotlight without exploiting themselves as others do. These two greats are also champions held in high regard and reside at the pinnacle of their profession.

The currently constructed Spurs team will be remembered forever in the streets of San Antonio, but still have a chance to go down as one of the greatest teams ever. Popovich, Duncan, Parker and Ginobili have won several championships together, but the one that would make them legends has alluded them for sometime now. The Spurs’ hopes were dashed last season in the finals when Jesus Shuttlesworth delivered a miracle three-pointer that crowned the Miami Heat, but this year brings a new feeling to the city of San Antonio.

The Spurs have championship aspirations for this season, but can the four horseman get the elusive championship and go down as legends?

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