5 Reasons Why the Fans Shouldn’t Vote for NBA All-Star Game Roster

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5 Reasons Why Fans Shouldn't Select All-Star Lineups

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The starters for the upcoming NBA All-Star Game were announced this past Thursday and there were several snubs and surprises, just like every single year as the fans are the ones who decide which players start the contest.

That trend needs to stop sooner rather than later or the game is taking huge step toward becoming a joke just like the NFL Pro Bowl.

Year after year, players who shouldn’t take part in the contest are slated to start and some others who should be on the hardwood aren’t even selected since the coaches can only elect the substitutes. The biggest issue regarding this situation occurred once Yao Ming entered the league as the Chinese center participated in every All-Star Game until he retired. There’s certainly an argument about Yao deserving some of those All-Star selection and while it was undeniable that he was one of the best big men in the NBA, he certainly wasn’t the best in the game since his irruption.

This year is no different and the presence, for instance, of Kobe Bryant and the absence of guys like Chris Paul or Roy Hibbert among the starting lineups proves the point. The league should take some kind of action over this situation and do something about it to avoid further issues in the future as the voting system is entirely flawed.

It’s quite clear that if the NBA wants to have an All-Star Game like it’s supposed to be, the fans should stop voting for the starters. Here are five reasons why.

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5. Game Ends Up Being A Popularity Contest

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The fans tend to choose the marquee names and that results in having the same players year in and year out and the season performance ends up not being rewarded. It seems like the All-Star Game is quickly turning into a competition to see which player is more popular.

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4. There Are Notable Snubs Every Year

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Roy Hibbert deserved to start as he’s the best center in the East, but the fans decided to have a frontcourt without a big man anchoring the middle. The same could be said about Kyrie Irving starting over John Wall and even Stephen Curry being selected ahead of Chris Paul. In the end, players who are deserving to start aren't there because the fans don't see it like that.

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3. Big Market Teams Are Always Represented

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Teams like the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and all the ones with big audiences end up being represented mainly because they draw more attention. The game should be about the best players during the season and not about the ones the media cares the most about.

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2. Kobe Bryant Is A Starter

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The fact that Kobe Bryant will start the game despite playing only six games is the perfect example about how the system is flawed and how it’s only a popularity contest. The NBA should make deep changes to avoid the game becoming a joke in the near future.

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1. The Whole Point Of The Game Is Lost

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The NBA All-Star Game should be about the best players on the world, not the ones the fans want to see. The whole point of the game is being missed when the fans decide who gets to take part on the contest in a trend that started when Yao Ming entered the league and started season after season thanks to the Chinese voting. The system should be modified to maintain the real reason of the game behind it.