Dwyane Wade and the Top 10 Shooting Guards in the NBA

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Dwyane Wade and the 10 Best Shooting Guards in the NBA

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Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade is once again an NBA All-Star starter, adding to a list of incredible accomplishments that the Heat superstar has amassed during his entire career with the Miami Heat organization.

Wade will now be going to his 10th All-Star game, a feat impressive by most standards, but compared to what Wade already has done it seems insignificant.

Wade is a three-time NBA champion, a one-time NBA Finals MVP and is the all-time leading scorer in franchise history.

While the Dwyane Wade that is in the league right now is not as explosive as the Dwyane Wade of five or six years ago, Wade is still amongst the upper echelon of NBA shooting guards in the game right now.

The shooting guard position is not as stacked as it used to be, but at the top of the charts, this position is just as good in terms of depth as any other spot in basketball.

Constituting my top 10 list are players like Wade who have made their mark on the game, the up and coming players who are just about ready to break out into a top-tier shooting guards and the "unspectacular" yet solid shooting guards who know their roles and perform them to the max.

Injuries are not taken into consideration in this discussion as all of these players are graded based on if each are healthy right now and what their body of work has been over the course of the season.

This is my attempt to power rank the top 10 shooting guards in the NBA today.

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10. Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers

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A super sub who can score in bunches off the bench for the Los Angeles Clippers, sixth man Jamal Crawford has carried the Clippers' offense at times when Chris Paul has been sidelined with injuries or when other players are struggling from the field.

Crawford is one of the few Clippers who can create his own shot and contribute some scoring without having the benefit of Paul distributing the basketball.

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9. Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls

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Jimmy Butler from the Chicago Bulls has a perfect opportunity in front of him.

Butler can become a first or second option on offense now that the Bulls are without All-Star Derrick Rose in the lineup and with Luol Deng being shipped to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Butler is already a good, if not great defensive presence. Now if his offense starts to catch up to his defense, Butler could be the next Paul George.

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8. Manu Ginobili, San Antonio Spurs

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Much like Wade, Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs is not the player that he used to be.

But year after year, Ginobili is as consistent as can be in the regular season, helping San Antonio get high seeds come playoff time.

Ginobili is still among the best sixth men in all of basketball and is a major reason why the Spurs continue to have sustained success over the years.

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7. Monta Ellis, Dallas Mavericks

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Much like Crawford, Monta Ellis of the Dallas Mavericks is an offensive machine who, if he gets in a groove, can put 40 on an opposing defense without breaking a sweat.

With a change of scenery for Ellis as he went from the Milwaukee Bucks to the Mavericks, the offensive-minded shooting guard has helped Dallas stay in the thick of the playoff discussion in the stacked Western Conference.

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6. Lance Stephenson, Indiana Pacers

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One of the most improved players on both sides of the ball, Lance Stephenson of the Indiana Pacers is putting together an All-Star caliber year.

While all the attention for Indiana's success goes to Roy Hibbert, David West and Paul George, Stephenson is the glue guy and the toughness that makes the Pacers one of the best defensive teams in the NBA.

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5. Joe Johnson, Brooklyn Nets

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Joe Johnson, like the whole Brooklyn Nets team, was all hype and no action when the season got off to a horrible start.

Johnson is a major reason why the Nets are back on track in the ever so weak Eastern Conference. Johnson has often carried the slack for a team that has been hit by the injury to four of the original starting five.

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4. Kobe Bryant, Los Angeles Lakers

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

I will never be the one to count out Kobe Bryant from the Los Angeles Lakers.

When he comes back, not if, Bryant will keep the Lakers at least relevant for the rest of the season and will not allow the team to tank like so many pundits want the team to do.

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3. Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors

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As one half of the "Splash Brothers" along with Stephen Curry with the Golden State Warriors, Klay Thompson is making a case for himself as part of one of the greatest "shooting" backcourts of all time.

On the Warriors Thompson is a clear second scoring option, but on most any other NBA rotation he would be a No. 1 scoring option.

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2. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

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Much like Kobe, I would never bet against Dwyane Wade of the back-to-back champion Miami Heat.

Wade can still pick up the Heat, and when the game is on the line he can still come up big in the clutch situations.

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1. James Harden, Houston Rockets

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James Harden has everything you want in a shooting guard. He is in an up-tempo system with the Houston Rockets, he can make his own shot off the dribble or attack the lane and get to the free-throw line and he can stroke it from downtown.

All of these make Harden, right now, the best shooting guard in the NBA.

Players who missed the cut:

J.R. Smith, New York Knicks

Wesley Matthews, Portland Trail Blazers

Gordon Hayward, Utah Jazz