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5 Reasons Why the Miami Heat Shouldn’t Give Up On Dwyane Wade

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The Miami Heat Shouldn't Give Up On Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade
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Dwyane Wade has been the face of the Miami Heat for over a decade now. He might not have always been the best player on the team, he certainly isn’t right now, but he has been the one constant on the Miami roster through their recent run of success.

Lately, Wade has shown his age. His production on the court has gone down, and he is no longer the dominant player that he once was. Just a few years ago LeBron James came to town and we all openly wondered who would be the alpha dog on the Miami team. Now James is clearly the best player on the court every time the Heat play, but that doesn’t diminish all that Wade means to them and their title hopes.

Sometimes the second best player on the team can be just as important as the best. It’s the second option that is often called upon to pick up the slack and get the team over the hump in close games, especially in the postseason. That’s exactly what Wade has done throughout his career, step up his play when it counts the most.

The Heat are a top contender to win a third straight NBA title this season, but they won’t get there without a healthy, productive Wade. He brings things to the Heat that can’t be counted in the box score. His leadership and veteran experience are invaluable to a team trying to win another title.

These are the five reasons the Heat shouldn’t give up on him.

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5. He Can Still Score

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Despite all the beating that his body has taken, Wade can still score the basketball. And, he does it at a remarkably efficient rate. Wade is averaging almost 19 points per game on 54 percent shooting, the highest of his career.

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4. He's Still A Good No. 2

No. 2
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If the Heat want to win the championship this year they will need Wade to be the Robin to James’ Batman. You can’t win a title in the NBA without a really good second option, and Wade can still carry his weight when the big games come around.

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3. This Might Be Their Last Shot At A Title

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Heat fans might not want to admit it, but this might be the last year that the Heat will bring back all the firepower they’ve had the last few years. James might be gone after this season, and the rest of the talented supporting cast is likely to jump ship if he leaves town.

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2. He Gets Better In the Playoffs

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Big time players always step up their games when the playoffs come around. The regular season is just a formality for a decorated veteran like Wade. He always takes his game to another level when the weather starts getting nicer.

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1. He's Their Emotional Leader

Emotional Leader
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The Heat may be James’ team, but Wade is still the emotional leader. He’s the one who has been there the longest, and the team follows his lead.