Have Brooklyn Nets Found Their X-Factor In Mirza Teletovic?

By Mark Wilson
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

How do you handle a player that deserves more minutes but doesn’t have a stable spot in the rotation? This is the problem that Jason Kidd and the Brooklyn Nets are facing with Mirza Teletovic.

He is shooting 44 percent from the 3-point line and has provided instant offense off the bench for the NBA‘s hottest team. Due to injuries to other players, Kidd was forced to look down his bench and call on a few players he probably would have never called on if his team was at full strength, but it’s funny how things work themselves out in life.

Teletovic still hasn’t earned the consistent roster spot that his scoring outburst warrants, but Kidd is trying to find a way to get the sharpshooting sniper more minutes in his regular rotation.

Every good team needs someone who has the ability to stretch the floor, and Teletovic has positioned himself as the Nets’ poor man version of Dirk Nowitzki. He is not all about shooting either. He has the ability to get the rim, bang inside for low post scores, and he has a knack for pulling down a few rebounds as well. He is a tough player that does not mind doing the dirty work to help his team achieve the goal of winning.

The loss of Brook Lopez hurt the team, but there was a silver lining waiting at the end of the bench. Teletovic has done his part by contributing when called upon — now its time for the coaching staff to do theirs and find this guy more time on the floor.

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