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5 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade Deserves More Time to Heal

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Dwyane Wade Deserves More Time to Heal

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Dwyane Wade recently sat out four games because of soreness. This has naturally sparked a lot of questions about the Miami Heat and the career of Wade in general. However, Wade deserves more time to heal. In fact, he deserves as much time as he wants to heal and we will look at five reasons why.

LeBron James is a great player. A really, really great player. A really, really great player who could be the best ever by the time he is done in the NBA. However, it is very hard for one player to lead his team to a championship. We saw that with Kevin Durant last season when Russell Westbrook went down.

Durant is right behind James. He may even be better than him this season. Durant couldn’t even lead his team to the NBA Finals. As you can see, basketball is a team sport.

Sure, King James had success with Cleveland and took the team to the Finals, but he was not able to win a title until he came over to South Beach.

Miami has been the best team in the league ever since its Big 3 became a thing. With players getting better and better, and many teams assembling their own Big 3, the Heat are going to need their three star players at full strength in the playoffs if they are going to win a third straight title.

With that said, Wade is just as important as any player in the league when it comes to his team winning a title. James is the best player on the court every single time he plays, but Wade is just as important.

Well, read on to see five reasons why Wade deserves more time to heal.

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5. He’s Not That Young Anymore

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Dwyane Wade is 32 years old. That is a pretty young age relative to people who are not professional athletes. However, when a player is in a professional sport for 10 years, that player’s body starts to take a toll. That has definitely been the case with Wade.

Sure, he is still pretty young and he can still play at the highest level of basketball for a few more years, but his body is damaged and he could use the extra rest.

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4. Miami is Going to Make the Playoffs

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

This may come as a shocker to a lot of people, but here it goes. The Miami Heat are going to make the playoffs this year.

They are still second in the Eastern Conference and as good as Indiana has been all season long, the Heat are still only 2.5 games behind the Pacers. Just imagine how good Miami would be if Wade was actually healthy for an entire season. That is not going to happen, but still.

It doesn’t matter if Miami is the No. 8 or the No. 1 seed in the East. As long as the team makes the playoffs and Wade is able to play a seven-game series without having to sit out a game, the Heat will be fine.

They still have LeBron James and Chris Bosh, who are both more than capable of getting this team into the playoffs.

By the way, the No. 3 seed in the East is currently 8.5 games behind Miami. The team will be just fine with Wade getting some much-needed rest.

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3. Put Miami on the Map

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Wade is getting paid to play professional basketball. I get that. He should be on the court. Without him, Miami does not win a championship in 2006--first in franchise history--and Miami does not become a playoff team year after year.

The East may be seen as weak, but Wade has still led the Heat to nine playoff appearances. He has been in the league for 10 years.

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2. Without Him LeBron James Does Not Join Team

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LeBron James does not join the Heat if Dwyane Wade is on a different team. I cannot guarantee that, but I am sure many people would agree with me.

Maybe he would have stayed in Cleveland or maybe he would have went somewhere else. I doubt James would have joined Miami, though. Chris Bosh probably had a lot to do with his decision as well.

“You’re welcome, Miami,” is what Wade should be saying.

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1. Healthy Wade in Playoffs Will Lead to 3rd Straight Title

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The main reason for Wade to sit out games during the regular season is pretty simple. A healthy Dwyane Wade--in the playoffs--will lead to a third straight title for the Miami Heat. That is the ultimate goal here.

Who cares if Miami does not break Chicago’s regular season wins record and who cares if it does not earn the No. 1 seed in the East. Miami and Indiana are going to meet in the Conference Finals anyways, unless if a huge upset were to happen.

Team chemistry and Wade being on top of his game are both very important.

Wade is averaging 18.9 points per game this season. He is also shooting 54 percent from the field and 42.1 percent from behind the arc. He is clearly still a very good basketball player.

Miami should let Wade sit out as much as he wants because it is going to need him at full strength in the playoffs. LeBron is not going to beat Indiana or win a title on his own, although he is capable of doing so.