5 Reasons Why The NBA All-Star Game Is A Joke

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The All-Star Game Needs To Be Changed

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The NBA All-Star game was never something I was excited to see no matter who was playing in it.

I tend to follow games that have more meaning and suspense to it. A regular season game is not as important as a playoff game, but the players still go out and give their all. The All-Star game is like a reality TV show. You know it's fake but you keep tuning in because it's entertainment not to be taken seriously.

They pull you in with live announcements of the starters and then make you wait in suspense until the reserves are picked, just like a season-ending cliffhanger on a TV show. The fans vote the starters in and almost every year, over a million fools or so always vote a player in that is injured -- and for what reason?

The game is a gimmick to bring in revenue to an NBA city for the weekend. With a few days off, players should be home resting or spending time with their families instead of doing NBA photo-ops with David Stern. The game is not taken seriously. It’s nothing but a street ball tournament with high-priced athletes vying for global attention.

There are many problems with the game, but here are my top five reasons why the All-Star game is a joke.

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5. Fans Get To Vote For Starters

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It was a good idea at first, but fans were given too much control of the process. Why was Kobe Bryant voted in as a starter when the man only played a handful of games? What if fans decided to vote for players on their home team and no one else? Can you imagine if the fans got together and pulled a fast one on the league and voted in the starters from the Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings?

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4. Injuries

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Over the years, we have not had a major injury in the All-Star game; but what happens if Kevin Durant lands awkwardly from a dunk attempt? Do you think Scott Brooks will be happy with the NBA and their game then?

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3. Fatigue

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For teams like the Miami Heat and their players, I'm pretty sure they would like a little rest. They have been to three straight Finals and would welcome the few days off before the second half tips off. There are 82 games in the regular season, and they are always traveling.

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2. No Defense

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I know the game is about entertainment for the fans, but why should we be robbed of a tightly-contested game? All these players play with a chip on their shoulders during the season, and you mean to tell me they have to turn off the intensity for the weekend? How many times do you really think Chris Paul will let Kyrie Irving cross him up for the fans? It's an embarrassment to the game of basketball to turn great defensive players into onlookers just for a few cheers from the crowd.

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1. Slam Dunk and 3-Point Contests

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It doesn't matter how many superstars you place on the floor at one time, the weekend is still about the 3-Point and Slam Dunk Contests. Bars and living rooms are packed for the Saturday night events while the All-Star game itself is just an afterthought on Sunday evening.