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15 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Fan of the Chicago Bulls

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You know you're a Chicago Bulls fan by these 15 reasons

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How do you know if you are a true fan of your so-called ‘favorite’ sports team? Is it mere loyalty? Do you have to know stats, facts, figures, names and numbers? What about the history of the team, even before you were born? Do you have to own a minimum number of jerseys, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, posters, signs, license plate holders, lanyards and mugs?

This is for all of the Chicago Bulls fans out there – the real fans.

The real Bulls fans are easily separated from all of the wannabes, and it’s not difficult to do. See, it’s easy to say that you’re a Bulls fan in today’s day in age. It’s not hard to go to your local mall and find anything Bulls-related. If you’re a Toronto Raptors fan, you will not find a variety of t-shirts and hats at your neighborhood Champs Sports store in Lincoln, Nebraska. But, if you’re looking for the black and red, you’re guaranteed to be in luck.

It’s not hard to tell someone that you became a fan of the Bulls after watching Michael Jordan play during his prime. Anybody can tell you that and, sadly, most will accept that as a reasonable answer as to why they call themselves a fan.

If you are a genuine Bulls fan, you remember how difficult things were as the post-Jordan era began. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t easy to show support – let’s be honest. Yet, if you’re standing here today having supported Chicago through thick and thin and continue to bleed Bulls red, you my friend are the kind of fan that will understand the following list.

Like I said, this is for all of those die-hard Bulls fans out there to enjoy. You may be able to add tens of hundreds more reasons why you support this franchise, but here are 15 sure-fire reasons why you know you’re a Bulls fan.

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15. The name ‘Tyrus Thomas’ pains you to hear

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The Bulls drafted LaMarcus Aldridge in 2006 but traded him on draft night to the Portland Trail Blazers for Tyrus Thomas. Needless to say, it still stings.

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14. You don’t just wear their gear because it’s popular


How many people do you see on a weekly basis sporting a Bulls hat? If you’re like me, I always ask them “You’re a Bulls fan?” If you’re like me, 99 percent of the time you hear “No, I just liked the hat.” Once again, if you’re like me, you are shaking your head every time you hear those words.

Oh, and don’t rock a Bulls snapback with a striped v-neck t-shirt unless you meet every single one of these 15 check marks.

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13. You support multiple Chicago sports teams

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I hate when someone says they are a Bulls fan, but don’t like the Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox – just the Bulls. To a true Chicago sports fan, there is no greater annoyance.

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12. You know who B.J. Armstrong is

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B.J. Armstrong was a crucial piece to the Bulls’ three-peat from 1991-1993. He was also an NBA All-Star in 1994 after Jordan’s first retirement. Bulls fans loved this guy, as he was one heck of a three-point shooter and took home the three-point scoring crown in 1993.

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11. When you hear ‘pinstripes’ you don’t think New York Yankees

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If you’re a Bulls fan, there is no better-looking jersey in the whole world than those black and red pinstriped beauties.

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10. To you, the words ‘It’s good! The Bulls win!’ trigger one specific memory

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“Here’s Michael at the foul line, a shot on Ehlo, good! The Bulls win! They win!”

No further explanation needed.

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9. You will argue Scottie Pippen as the all-time most underrated player

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Scottie Pippen was a guy that, to Bulls fans, will go down as a top-50 player of all-time. To an average basketball fan, he may not. Without Pippen, though, the Bulls of the 90’s would have looked a lot different. Pippen averaged around 20 points, seven rebounds and almost six assists during those years with Chicago. How many guys are doing that today?

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8. You know that Michael Jordan once wore the number 12

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On Valentine’s Day in 1990, someone snuck into the Bulls’ locker room and stole Jordan’s number 23 jersey. He was forced to wear a nameless number 12 jersey for just one night.

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7. No matter what, you’ll never learn to like Reggie Miller

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Any true Bulls fan will tell you two things about Reggie Miller. First of all, he was one heck of a shooter. There’s no denying that. But, second of all, he was one of the biggest babies to ever play the game and Chicago fans will never, ever be able to force themselves to like him.

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6. A small part of you feels bad for John Stockton and Karl Malone

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Neither John Stockton nor Karl Malone never won a championship, and Jordan’s Bulls were a big reason why. Two of the best players of their generation, and arguably of all-time, never received a ring. Those battles between the Utah Jazz and the Bulls were sure something special, though.

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5. You hate the Miami Heat, but respect LeBron James

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Listen, people hated Jordan just like they hate LeBron James today. Jordan deserved to be cocky – he was the best there was, and he backed it up. Some may not like LeBron, but if you’ve been a Bulls fan for quite some time, you can at least respect him.

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4. You are a full supporter of ‘The Return’

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Say what you will about Derrick Rose, but the kid is a fighter – a true warrior, in my opinion. The guy said himself that he could tear his knees up 10 more times and he’ll still go out on the court and leave everything he’s got out there. Rose loves Chicago, and Chicago loves Rose. It’s that simple.

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3. The words ‘I’m Back’ give you chills

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The words “I’m back” caused such joy, such thrill in the city of Chicago. The feeling of knowing the greatest player in the game had returned will forever be instilled in Bulls fans’ hearts.

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2. You are still a fan in the post-Michael Jordan era

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Nothing irritates me more than when I ask one of those snapback-wearing knuckleheads if they’re a Bulls fan and they reply, “Only when Jordan played.” I’d love to tell them, “Well, then remove the hat, bro.” If you were a true fan then, you’re a true fan now – end of story.

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1. You understand Michael Jordan will always be the greatest of all-time

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The arguments of the NBA’s greatest player of all-time are comical to me. If you’re a Bulls fan, you might be a little biased, but there’s no denying that Jordan had something that nobody else in the league has had since – nor will we ever see again. Argue stats. Argue championships. Argue the “clutch” factor. Argue toughness. Argue all-around completeness. Argue best dunker. Argue whatever you want. When it’s all said and done, there is no argument.

Jordan is the greatest of all-time.