Is the Window to Return to the Boston Celtics Open for Paul Pierce?

By Michael LeDuc
Paul Pierce
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

After seeing such a warm reception from the fans as well as Paul Pierce‘s emotional reaction, one can’t help but wonder if he will end up in a Boston Celtics uniform once again. We are not just talking about a one-day contract before retiring but another a full season in Boston. The 36-year-old is due to become a free agent at season’s end, so could a second Boston stint be possible for the Celtics legend?

Since the Celtics are going in another direction, Pierce and Kevin Garnett were traded to the Brooklyn Nets to make another run at a title. This time, their roles would take a backseat to Deron Williams and Joe Johnson. Realistically, Pierce probably has one more year left after this and Garnett will most likely retire at season’s end.

Apparently, Pierce never really wanted to be traded away. After spending 15 seasons in Boston, The Truth’s heart remains there. Since he is truly a Celtic legend, the fans and organization will accept No. 34 back with open arms.  With Pierce being a free agent after the season, why wouldn’t he want the chance of a fairy tale ending in Boston? This would be the perfect opportunity.

Pierce always stated that he would be willing to be part of a Celtics rebuild. He has the desire to help get the Celtics on the right path to obtaining their next championship. The Celtics are expected to have a high draft pick and could be a decent team next year. If Danny Ainge can use his assets wisely and surround Rajon Rondo with better players, this team could be contending sooner rather than later. Pierce, if he is willing to accept a small role on his old team, could help the Celtics win some games and help mentor the younger players. His leadership would be extremely beneficial to the young squad.

Of course, one clear factor is that it may be too difficult for Pierce to accept a potential bench role when he used to be the alpha dog on the team. Plus, Pierce has not always worked well with rookies. Although he has become a team-oriented player, meshing with rookies and the youth is difficult for any experienced veteran. Also, how would he and young coach Brad Stevens work together?

Nonetheless, it would be an amazing ending to Pierce’s legacy. The Celtics should consider re-signing him to a one-year contract. He could help the team as a role player and put fans in the seats as well. It would be exciting to see Pierce in a Celtic uniform again and to see him retire a Celtic. It would be the most appropriate and deserving conclusion.

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