Los Angeles Clippers Survive Deep Freeze, Stay Hot vs. Milwaukee Bucks

By christopherbrown
Soobum Im USA TODAY Sports

A veteran NBA championship caliber team would close out a seven game road trip against the worst team in the league with a lackadaisical performance that managed to produce a win. But if that team is a homesick Los Angeles based franchise and the only thing between them and bevy of women frolicking about on the beach is the Milwaukee Bucks who reside in a place that has shunned the sun for below-freezing temperatures,  they’ll sacrifice their first born for the chance to feel their toes again.

The Los Angeles Clippers spared their offspring but not the Bucks as they beat them in front of their snowed in crowd as if they invented snow. After Blake Griffin‘s first quarter rim rejection, the Clippers looked steadfast in running the Bucks out off their home floor. “When we were flying here, guys were saying that they couldn’t wait to get back home,” Griffin told the Star-Tribune.

The Clippers are winning with a collective effort from multiple players. Although the Bucks put up a pillow fight in the first quarter, shooting guard Jamal Crawford‘s three ball helped spark a second quarter which fueled a 23-2 run. Crawford then opened the second-half with seven points in the first minute as if he found the cheat code for beast mode.

A win is just a win, and a win against the 8-36 Bucks is just a little something for the Clippers’ inconvenience. Nonetheless, it wasn’t a game that the Clippers could drop. Although they’re headed back with a winning record on this road trip, a loss against the worst team in the league would have made it a long trip.

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