Philadelphia 76ers Must Buy Into Coach Brett Brown's System

By Alan Gung
Brett Brown
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

When the Philadelphia 76ers hired Brett Brown as head coach, it was meant to be a long-term thing. With the current state of the Sixers, it would appear Brown’s time is running out. However, the notion of his departure is far from the truth.

The Sixers hired Brown for his experience being a part of a championship team such as the San Antonio Spurs and they hired him for the long haul. Management and most NBA experts knew this season was going to be ugly. Even with a bad season, Brown is holding the Sixers together better than most NBA coaches would have done with a roster full of D-Leaguers.

During Monday night’s 124-113 loss to the Phoenix Suns, Brown kept his composure and dug the Sixers out of a 16-point deficit early in the game. He set new plays and kept the Sixers within striking distance by the end of the first half.

The Sixers have been making a comeback all season long, but haven’t been able to overcome the large deficits early in the games. Aside from the defensive lapses and poor shot selection, the Sixers made too many mistakes. They played sloppy throughout the entire game and managed to turn over the ball 21 times.

Just when the Sixers were making a comeback, the mistakes started happening. Brown can only do so much with his playbook, but the responsibility solely rests on the players. Some of the players appeared lost at times and didn’t know their defensive positions, thus allowing Gerald Green and Goran Dragic to combine for 54 points.

At one point, Spencer Hawes stood under the basket and left Green open to knock down a three-pointer as the other Sixers players were closely guarding the other Suns. There seems to be no chemistry or hustle from this Sixers team.

The Sixers lack a will to win and seem to be content with showing up as way to encourage throwing in the towel. Brown isn’t the problem, it’s the players. He wants to the Sixers to play with emotion.

Brown clearly has shown his concern by immediately calling timeout after the Sixers allowed the Suns to score right after tip-off. After he called timeout, he started screaming at his players. Though the timeout didn’t really help, Brown made an effort to remind the Sixers what is needed to win the game.

Brown probably won’t be let go, but if he steps down or the Sixers feel he isn’t a fit, they lost a coach who has been a part of a championship team and knows a thing or two about success. This is something the Sixers most likely won’t find in their next coach.

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