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5 Reasons Carmelo Anthony To The Chicago Bulls Makes Sense

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Chicago Bulls: 5 Reasons Carmelo Anthony Makes Sense

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Ever since New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony opened his mouth and said he will be testing free agent waters this summer, he was linked to several teams. The Chicago Bulls have been linked to these rumors ever since the traded Luol Deng and opened up cap space. The Bulls seem to have a plan this offseason to go after Melo with full force.

The rumors are running rampant in Chicago recently, as sources are saying Melo prefers the Bulls over the Los Angeles Lakers if he opts out of his contract. The Bulls will have to make a few more moves to have a chance for this master plan to work; they could amnesty or trade Carlos Boozer and the last year of his contract to open up more cap space. They would have to part ways with a few key role players, like Kirk Hinrich and Mike Dunleavy. For a chance to get Melo, the Bulls would not hesitate to let those guys go.

This move of Melo to the Bulls would legitimately vault them in title contention next season, as he is the type of dynamic scorer that can help many teams. When healthy, the Bulls are a very good team that will always be in conversations as a top team. Adding Melo to the mix makes them even more dangerous.

Melo comes with some flaws; for example, he is just a scorer, he is an average defender, and he doesn't make his teammates better. Some of that is true, but with the right team and push, those things will get better.

Here are the thre reasons Melo to the Bulls makes sense.

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5. Top Coaches In The League

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If Melo chooses the Bulls, he would play for one of the top coaches in the league in Tom Thibodeau. Thibodeau gets the best out of all his guys and Melo would enjoy playing for him.

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4. Playing With Another Superstar

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Melo and Derrick Rose?

It sounds very good on paper and would be a dynamic one-two punch. Melo would alleviate some of the heavy lifting Rose carries on offense. Rose is an unselfish player, so him and Melo would be able to play well together.

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3. Offensive Attack Would Be Much Better

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Sometimes the Bulls' offense gets very stagnant in spurts. The Bulls rely heavily on Rose to break the defense down and standing around. With Melo in the lineup, the offense would run much smoother and be very difficult to defend.

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2. Winning Formula & Culture

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The Bulls have been one of the top teams in the last three years. They have endured so many injuries to key guys, but still manage to still buy in the system and win games. Melo wants to win championships at this stage in his career and he would be joining a winning culture.

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1. Defensive Philosophy Will Make Anthony Better Defensively

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Defense is the Bulls' calling card under coach Thibodeau; they have a stifling defensive attack. Melo is not the best defender, but with the right push and a coach like Thibodeau, it would help him on that end of the floor. Melo can be very locked in and active of the defensive side of the ball.