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5 Reasons Not To Worry About Dwyane Wade’s Injuries

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Miami Heat: 5 Reasons Not To Worry About Dwyane Wade’s Injuries

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Dwyane Wade has had some pretty rotten luck lately. For the past two seasons, he’s had to deal with every athletic guard’s Kryptonite, a busted wheel. Hurt legs will hamper the performance of even the most explosive players in the NBA. It doesn’t allow for them to run the floor and play above the rim, as they might be accustomed to if they were healthy.

Wade rightfully attained the moniker of a certain fast comic book super hero throughout his years with the Miami Heat for his ability to go end-to-end at any moment he chooses. You know you’re blindingly fast when people nickname you “Flash.” These days, “Flash” has often been seen sitting on the Heat bench in dapper suits instead of his customary uniform.

Although Wade has been no stranger to injuries throughout his career, his recent injury issues are very significant due to the fact that this is his 11th season in the league. Obviously, he isn’t getting any younger. You have to wonder if his body can still tolerate the same kind of punishment it used to be able to when he was making highlight reel dunks and shots.

The Heat organization and fans would certainly prefer if Wade was on the floor for every game. The realization is that Wade may actually come out as a better asset to his team right now with the time he takes off to occasionally rest his body.

Here are five reasons why people who follow the Heat should look at Wade’s injury in a different light.

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5. The East Is Still Weak At This Point In The Season

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We’re a little over halfway through the NBA’s regular season and the East is still pretty weak in comparison to the West. As the current leader in the Southeast Division, the Heat hold a nine game lead over second place Atlanta.

They have 38 games remaining on their schedule, including tonight’s game against Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder, and 22 of those games are against fellow Eastern Conference teams. Of those 22 games, only eight games will be against teams that have a record of at least .500 currently. If they wanted to rest Wade, they have ample time and opportunities to do it against the remaining schedule in the East.

Conversely, they will more than likely need Wade for their 16 remaining games against the West, as 14 of those games feature teams that have at least a .500 winning percentage. Altogether, the West boasts 11 teams that are at or above that winning mark. That should speak to how tough the West will be at season’s end. Luckily, the Heat organization only has to worry about getting a favorable playoff spot in the East.

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4. The Heat Are Arguably One Of The Deeper Teams

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The Heat are blessed with one of the deeper teams in the league. Many former stars have sacrificed prominent roles with other teams and their traditional positions to win championships. If Wade was to miss a lot more time this season, they have players that can adequately step in at a moment’s notice to play without having to sacrifice the team’s offensive and defensive philosophies.

Ray Allen could start for many NBA teams in the league, even at this point in his career. Having a future Hall of Famer coming off the bench adds much needed scoring and leadership. Norris Cole is deserving of some more playing time for his improving play. Additionally, they have a few good defenders at the basket in Chris Andersen, Greg Oden and Chris Bosh, who allow them to stay in their spread sets offensively to beat teams with finesse.

Feel comfortable in the idea that Wade’s teammates have his back whenever he needs to sit out a game or two.

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3. Chris Bosh Is Showing His True Value In Wade's Absence

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Let's not forget that during the free agency period in 2010, the Heat brought in two stars to accompany Wade in his pursuit of another NBA title. Chris Bosh may sometimes be thought of as the forgotten member of the Heat trio.

Prior to signing with the Heat, Bosh averaged 24 ppg and 10 rpg for the Toronto Raptors in the 2009-10 season. Think about it, an All Star capable of those kinds of numbers is the Heat’s third option for scoring.

Wade has played in only one out of the last five Heat games. He scored only eight points in his return to the court this past Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs. In those five games, Bosh has thrived by averaging approximately 23 ppg and shooting above 60 percent from the field (above 40 percent from three point). He’s a big time player when called upon and is fully capable of filling Wade’s shoes.

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2. Wade Is Still Productive While Injured

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Take a look back into history. Many historic players have contributed to their team winning while still battling the injury bug. One of the best examples is Larry Bird.

Bird notoriously suffered from back issues in 1988, and he was limited to only being able to play six games that season. Those injuries ended up derailing his career and the pursuit of a final title. He did, however, return the following season to average over 24 points per game, nine rebounds and seven assists.

Wade will go down as one of the best players in NBA history, like Bird did. His injuries may be ailing him at this point in his career, but he is still able to produce enough to keep the Heat at the top of the league. Certain players are just too talented to fade away.

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1. LeBron James Still Has Wade's Back

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Wade is fortunate to partner with the best basketball player in the world right now, LeBron James. As the team progresses towards the playoffs, they will need their best players to be active and healthy.

The great thing about James is that he is used to carrying a load and still producing wins. Therefore, if Wade rested some more after the All-Star break, the wins would still keep rolling in. They will be there at the top of the conference when the regular season concludes regardless of how much we see Wade in the lineup with James.