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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Will Stay With New York Knicks

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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Will Stay With New York Knicks

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We all knew this was coming. On the day that Carmelo Anthony declared that he would opt out of his contract at season's end, it started the ball rolling. Now here we are a few months later and 'Melo leaving New York' rumors are spreading like wildfire. Will he opt out and sign with the Bulls? Will he opt out and sign with the Lakers? Will he be traded at the upcoming deadline? You name it, there's some sort of rumor for every scenario regarding the All-Star forward.

At this point in the season, I don't think there's any way Melo gets traded. The New York Knicks have rebounded enough after a terrible start to get back in the playoff picture. They're still sitting outside of it at the moment with a losing record, but they're at least in the conversation. Unlike other teams who would be better served to tank, the Knicks should be doing everything they can to make a run in the playoffs. They don't own a first round pick in 2014 and they have a roster with enough talent to at least be competitive in a seven-game series.

I think New York will easily make the playoffs. With a strong finish in the second half of the season, they could even still win the Atlantic division and host a playoff series against a team they could beat. It sounds crazy for a team that's currently nine games under .500, but we are talking about the abysmal Eastern Conference.

Do I like the Knicks chances of doing anything worth noting this season? No. But do I think they finish out the season strong and at least become respectable? Yes.

So with all the Melo speculation in mind, let's take a look at five reason why he won't be going anywhere this season, or next:

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He Wants To Be THE Guy

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Can you really envision Melo sharing the spotlight with another star? I can't.

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His Reputation as a 'Team Cancer'

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Teams in need of an All-Star player have to at least be entertaining the idea of acquiring Anthony. However, my guess is that most teams will ultimately pass on pursuing him because of his reputation as a selfish, one-dimensional player.

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He's From New York

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Melo is from New York, he went to college in New York and he's always wanted to play for the Knicks. I believe there's not a more appropriate place for him to continue his basketball career.

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La La Says He's Staying

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If Melo's significant other is saying that he's going to stay in New York, I'm going to trust her. In theory, no one knows him better than La La.

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He Can Make More Money With the Knicks

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For some reason, this is getting lost in all the rumors surrounding Melo's New York future. When you get right down to it, he can flat out make a lot more money by re-signing with the Knicks. If he opts out of his contract, which he says he'll do, he stands to make $30 million more by re-signing with New York. Does he value winning over money? I don't think so.