Andrea Bargnani Injury A Blessing In Disguise For New York Knicks?

By Steven Carollo
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

I do not get happy when players get injured or root for anyone to get hurt, and neither should anyone else for that matter. However, Andrea Bargnani‘s injury for the New York Knicks may actually help the team turn the corner instead of hurt them.

How can the torn ligament in the left elbow of a big power forward, especially one with a good jump shot who can put up 20-plus points in a game, be a good thing for a Knicks team that is now 18-27 and only a half game out of the eighth and final playoff spot?

Well, Bargnani may be gifted on the offensive side of the ball, but there are so many flaws in his overall game that takes away from his scoring ability. For one, he cannot play defense to save his life, and is arguably one of the worst defenders in the NBA. With him out of the lineup, the Knicks will improve dramatically on defense.

Secondly, he is slow. When Bargnani is on the court, the Knicks cannot push the pace on offense due to his lack of speed, and when the Knicks are standing still, they shoot poorly overall and simply lose games. Finally, when Bargnani is out of the lineup, the Knicks can use last year’s strategy of playing Carmelo Anthony at power forward to keep teams off-balance and to score more than enough points to win games.

So you see, Bargnani being out of the lineup due to injury should actually help the Knicks win games and turn the corner this season. This is already proving to be the case as the Knicks have now won three games in a row in Bargnani’s absence. Look for this trend to continue for as long as Bargnani is sidelined and when he comes back, hopefully the Knicks will decide to trade him for a defensive small forward. At least, that is what I would do.

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