Boston Celtics: Still No Improvement On Rajon Rondo's Jump Shot

By Jared Hughes
Kim Klement – USAToday Sports

If Rajon Rondo could pose a threat with his jump shot, he would be the best point guard in the NBA by a long shot. All the top point guards in the NBA can hit an open jump shot, and Rondo has somehow remained relevant in the conversation despite terrible shooting abilities.

Some of the top point guards like Chris Paul, Derrick Rose (when healthy), Tony Parker, Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving  have caused opposing teams problems because they can shoot from anywhere on the court. Throughout the years, Rondo has been hesitant to take an open jump shot, and his teammates were also hesitant to pass it to him for it.

Year after year, Rondo fans hope for an improved jump shot, but it never happens. He is getting older, and will soon have to stop relying on his intangibles and actually take a jump shot. He doesn’t have marksmen Paul Pierce and Ray Allen to bail him out anymore.

I think his jump shot hurts his worth as a max player and the centerpiece to a franchise. Without scoring specialist to pass it to, you have to question his worth as a superstar. Jeff Green isn’t as consistent as Pierce and Avery Bradley isn’t as consistent as Allen; Rondo’s weaknesses may be exposed more than they already have been.

To succeed in the playoffs the way they have throughout the years, Rondo will have to improve his jump shot. To increase his worth, he will have to improve his jump shot. To be the best point guard in the NBA, he will have to improve his jump shot. At the age of 27, he still has time. Some players do not develop jump shots until they near the end of their careers, and this may be Rondo.

He would own the league if he could shoot. He would be like Steve Nash with defense — what a treat that would be to watch.

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