Power Ranking Trade Value Of Every Los Angeles Lakers Player

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Who is the Los Angeles Lakers' most tradeable player?

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The Los Angeles Lakers have had their most disastrous season in years. They have been constantly plagued with devastating injuries, including Kobe Bryant re-injuring himself shortly after returning. The Lakers are now currently in the conversation with the worst teams in the NBA such as the Utah Jazz, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics and Sacramento Kings. Los Angeles has a team full of players on one-year deals looking to resurrect their careers. Some have been successful, but they have failed dramatically as a collective group so far. The team plays absolutely no defense, which is partly due to coach Mike D'Antoni. However, all of the blame for the lack of defense cannot fall on the coach's shoulders. All of these players are professionals and they should naturally have the knowledge of how to play some defense.

Furthermore, the NBA trade deadline is rapidly approaching and many fans are wondering if the Lakers will make a deal or stay with the roster as is. For all of those fans believing that GM Mitch Kupchak has a blockbuster deal up his sleeve like he did in 2008 for Pau Gasol, they will most likely be disappointed. In fact, L.A. will most likely not make a deal at all. This is primarily due to the fact that the team does not have many tradeable assets this season. There are a few players that Kupchak may receive an offer for though, so here's a look at the trade values of everyone on the L.A. roster.

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14. SG Kobe Bryant

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Bryant is invaluable to the Lakers franchise and therefore, there is not a single player, draft pick or amount of cash that is worth as much as him. The idea cannot be completely ruled out though, because anything can happen in the NBA. That said, he is as close to being untradeable as possible.

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13. PG Steve Nash

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Nash is the best example of a player that has underperformed due to injuries. He came to Los Angeles with the idea of winning a championship alongside his buddy Kobe Bryant and former buddy Dwight Howard, but that never happened. There is no way a team will take on Nash unless they have the intention of just waiving him, which seems kind of pointless. Hopefully, Nash will retire at the season's end or the Lakers will unfortunately be forced to use their stretch provision on him. Nash does not deserve to be waived, so let’s hope he realizes that his career is over.

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12. C Robert Sacre

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Robert Sacre has been somewhat valuable to the Lakers as he has proven himself to be a legitimate backup big man. This is pretty surprising as not many late second-round picks make it in this league. No team would logically give up anything for Sacre except maybe another late second-round pick. What use is that to the Lakers, especially since Sacre is a solid backup and gets paid barely anything? He’s the kind of player with the personality that is hard to come by these days, so he is more valuable to the Lakers than a second-round pick.

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11. PG Steve Blake

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Steve Blake was having the best season of his Laker career until he went down with a torn ligament in his elbow. An injury-prone player is as difficult a player to move as a player with a terrible contract in the NBA because who would want a player that is constantly hurt? It does not make any sense for anybody to give up anything valuable in return for Blake even though he has shown huge improvement this season.

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10. PG Jordan Farmar

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Much like Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar was playing some excellent basketball until he got injured, tearing his hamstring for the first time. Farmar was definitely able to improve his game substantially while playing overseas in Turkey for the last few years, but since he may not be back in full action until after the trade deadline, he is pretty much a lock to remain in L.A. for the remainder of this season.

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9. C Pau Gasol

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Gasol is simply not a highly coveted name anymore. The only trade involving him that is remotely possible is with the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Zach Randolph. Pau would definitely re-sign there to play with his brother Marc, while the Lakers get back a solid player that becomes a free agent the same year that Kevin Love does. Of course, a deal of this sort would force Los Angeles to wait one more year before making a splash in free agency.

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8. SF Wesley Johnson

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Although he still has a ton of work to do, Johnson has shown that he can be a consistent role player. He has posterized many opposing players this year, thus providing excitement to try to overshadow the excess of losses. Johnson may not be a star in this league like he was expected to be, but he can be of value to a contending team that needs a solid role player. Don't expect him to be moved, but the Lakers could most definitely trade him if they want to.

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7. PF Ryan Kelly

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Kelly has really proven his value so far after coming into the league with many questions about his style of play and his injury background. Kelly may be the next coming of Mike Miller as he can spread the floor, but also play and defend at the power forward position. There should be a few teams looking to add his services, but don't hold your breath because Kupchak wouldn't trade a valuable rookie.

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6. PG Kendall Marshall

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Marshall has been traded once already this season but fortunately for the Lakers, he was released immediately after the trade. He has already been talked about as the point guard of the future, so it is highly doubtful that he will get moved. The Lakers won't trade one of their point guards after the myriad of games they played without one due to injury. He is worth hanging onto to see what the market is like after this season, and maybe the Lakers will be able to re-sign him.

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5. C Chris Kaman

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A casual Lakers fan may have forgotten that Chris Kaman is even on the team with the amount of DNPs that he has received this year. Kaman has voiced his displeasure multiple times over the course of the season, and trading him may not be a bad idea. When he has gotten in the game, he has shown that he still has skills. At this point, the Lakers should take anything in return because letting him just sit on the bench and complain is doing the team no good.

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4. SF/G Xavier henry

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Another injured player, Xavier Henry has had his most successful season yet in the NBA. He has shown flashes of excellence this year and at has tremendous upside at only 22-years old. There is no doubt that teams are calling about his availability already. The Lakers are going to have to choose if he is worth keeping since he will be able to explore his options this summer. Some team will definitely be willing to overpay him once he hits the open market.

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3. Nick Young

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Perhaps the best player this season for the Lakers has been Nick Young. Young has consistently come off the bench to light up the scoreboard with his array of isolations and spot-up 3-pointers. There is an argument for him to be the most valuable trade asset on the team, but there are still many teams that don't want such a high-volume shooter.

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2. PF/C Jordan Hill

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Hill has made the most of his opportunities this season, grabbing tons of offensive rebounds. Offensive rebounding is a tough job and Hill has somehow mastered the art to do it. He has had several career games this season, but coach Mike D'Antoni has decided to go with the stretch four for the majority of the year. If anyone will be traded before the deadline, it's Hill.

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1. SG Jodie Meeks

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Meeks has played outstanding basketball this season. He has been able to transform his image from being just a spot-up shooter to an all-around solid guard. Nobody wants to see him go, but unfortunately it is a possibility. With Bryant coming back next year, the Lakers are going to have to choose which guards to bring back. L.A. wants to keep ample cap room, so Meeks may not be in the future plans.

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