2014 NBA All-Star Game: 5 Reasons Why This Year’s Game Will Be A Snoozer

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2014 NBA All-Star Game: 5 Reasons Why This Year Will Be a Snoozer

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Every year, the NBA All-Star game is built to be exciting, but this year's contest looks set to disappoint. Of course, there will be plenty of superstars on show and there will be plenty of points scored, but it will be the same as last year with only a few minor and disappointing changes.

The 2014 All-Star game will be as boring as we've ever seen. There will be things worth watching, but only on the evening highlights. Why else would you waste nearly three hours watching a game with nothing riding on it? Yes, there probably are reasons you can come up with as to why an NBA fan would watch this game, but it's not the exciting encounter that everybody likes to make it out to be, is it?

Whether or not you decide to watch the All-Star events, do not expect a miracle. You can bet your bottom dollar that you will a defenseless game with no real talking point. Why watch an event that you can so easily predict?

The NFL shook their Pro Bowl up by changing the roster system; the NBA, which is already arguably less exciting, certainly needs to add something in the future to make their All-Star game a must see event again. Otherwise, it's just a simple exhibition match. Here are five reasons why this year's game will not be worth watching regardless of the outcome.

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5. They're Wearing Sleeved All-Star Jerseys

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The NBA players have made it clear they dislike the new sleeved jerseys, so what does the league do?Ensures that the players will be wearing them for the All-Star game. Expect the players to feel restricted and play worse than usual.

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4. There's No Surprise Player to Watch Like Damian Lillard

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Most years, there is a surprise player who has a superb start to the season and gets rewarded with a place on the All-Star team. It was Kyrie Irving last year, and it should have been Damian Lillard this year.

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3. It's Pretty Much The Same Every Year

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It's the same kind of event each and every year. The NBA needs a change.

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2. Following The Super Bowl

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It's hard to top the Super Bowl, right? Well, it's even harder to top America's most loved sport after its most loved event a few weeks later. The All-Star game would be better suited for a different date.

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1. LeBron James vs. Kevin Durant

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Everybody loves to compare LeBron James and Kevin Durant. There's no doubt they will do so again in this game. With nothing to play for, it's pointless to make the comparison, but people will do it anyway.

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