5 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade is the NBA’s Greatest Dad

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And the "NBA's Greatest Dad" Award Goes To...


There are a lot of great fathers in the NBA, but none of them have a résumé quite like that of Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade.

A Chicago native who grew up in the ugly part of town, Wade spent the early years of his life dodging the drugs, gangs and violence that consumed the youth around him. Although he eventually found an escape from the riff raff of his childhood, the impressions that it made on him helped make him the father that he is today.

It goes beyond his childhood, though. He’s faced numerous uphill battles that have molded him and instilled within him morals that make him a great dad. From legal matters that put his kids on the line to finding time between games, charity events and photo shoots, Wade has found the strength to get the job done and give his two sons and young nephew the best life possible.

Put simply, there doesn’t appear to be anything that can stand in the way of Wade being an outstanding father. Obstacles have been thrown at him throughout his entire life, and all they’ve done is made him a stronger role model. In situations where many people would crumble under the pressure, Wade has stood tall and shown his kids that adversity breeds excellence.

Wade is the type of dad that you want for your kids – or want to be for your kids.

Anyways… Here are five reasons why Wade deserves the “NBA’s Greatest Dad” Award.

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5. He’s a single dad, and loves every minute of it


Despite being an NBA star for a Heat team that’s always in the headlines, Wade still finds time to spend with his two sons and young nephew, who he has legal custody of. He didn’t let a lengthy separation and divorce with his ex-wife cause tension or bitterness towards his sons, instead allowing the whole situation to form an unbreakable bond between the three. For a star athlete always in the spotlight, Wade never puts his kids on the backburner.

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4. His childhood taught him the value of parenting


For the early part of Wade’s life, he lived with his mother in an area filled with gang violence and other poor influences. Instead of succumbing to the pressure and heading down the wrong path, though, he moved to a different area of Chicago to live with his father. Getting away from the bad influences and having an opportunity to live with his biological father helped develop him into the loving father that he is today.

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3. He fought so hard to keep his kids


In 2011, Wade got into a heated custody battle with ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches over their two sons. Instead of laying down and accepting defeat or coming to some sort of deal, Wade fought hard and was eventually awarded sole custody of his kids. He knew what it would have meant had his ex-wife won custody, and made sure that never happened.

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2. He understands the value of a father


When he moved in with his father, Wade’s life took a turn for the better. His father taught him disciple and gave him a role model to look up to. During his time with his father, he discovered his love for basketball, which led him to become the phenomenal athlete he is today. The values that his father instilled in him are now being passed on to his two sons and young nephew, who can all grow up with a father figure to strive to be like.

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1. There’s no other father in the NBA like him

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It’s been a rough journey for Wade, who has battled through his fair share of setbacks on his way to becoming a great father. Not only did he fight his way through an ugly divorce, but still finds time to father his children in between an 82-game NBA schedule, numerous public appearances and running a charity. He even found the time to write a book about being a father, something that few NBA players would even have the courage or knowledge to do. Wade – an inspirational father who beat the odds to raise three great kids.

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