5 Reasons Why Dwyane Wade is a Good Father

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Dwyane Wade: All-Star NBA Dad

Dwyane Wade: All-Star NBA Dad
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One thing that often gets swept under the rug by professional athletes is parenthood. The lives they lead are demanding and often require them to spend a lot of their time and money away from their families, which can negatively affect their children. Heck, some of them like, like Terrell Owens, have to appear on Dr. Phil because they don’t even know their kids or how to build relationships with them. But that’s not the case with Dwyane Wade.

While a lot of his peers are out partying away from their children, he spends as much time as he can with his sons, is involved in their lives and involves them in his life, which is something that can’t be said about a lot of other NBA players or athletes in any other professional sport.

Heck, it’s hard for regular dads to spend a lot of time with their kids due to their jobs, but especially athletes who are on the road constantly and always being asked to make appearances, which take more and more time away from their families. But Wade makes it work because he puts his kids first and he cherishes being a dad. Want proof? Allow us to elaborate.

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5. He Got Custody of His Kids

He Got Custody of His Kids
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Wade and his ex-wife were in a nasty divorce recently, but he won custody of their two sons. In case you didn’t know, it’s uncommon for fathers to win custody in divorce cases, but Wade did as a professional athlete. That speaks volumes about him as a dad.

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4. He Puts Being a Father First

He Puts Being a Father First
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His Twitter bio says it all: “I’m a father first and everything else after that.” He understands that being a good father — especially with his line o fork — requires a lot of effort to make sure his kids are the main focus of his life.

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3. He Involves His Kids in His Life

He Involves His Kids in His Life
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Almost every time Wade appears at an event, regardless of the genre, his kids are with him. He wants them to be a part of his life and it shows.

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2. He’s an All-Around Family Man

He’s an All-Around Family Man
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In addition to his two sons, Wade also raises a nephew in his Miami home. He’s showing his kids that being a good dad also means sacrificing attention to them for good reason and raising/providing for an additional child is just that.

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1. He Doesn’t Let His Insane Ex-Wife Affect His Fatherhood

He Doesn’t Let His Insane Ex-Wife Affect His Fatherhood
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Wade’s ex-wife should be in a straight jacket. The courts have recently ruled that she needs more time with their kids, which is absurd considering she had a public meltdown in the streets of Chicago, which wasn’t ruled a mental problem. But Wade just keeps plugging along as the father of his kids and does as much for them as he can without letting his ex-wife cause problems, as hard as she may try.