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5 Reasons Why the Miami Heat Seriously Miss Dwyane Wade

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5 Reasons Why the Miami Heat Seriously Miss Dwyane Wade

Brian Spurlock

The Miami Heat fans will all tell you their favorite player is still Dwyane Wade. Well, the true fans will anyway. He was there and brought the first title without the assistance of LeBron James, and he will be forever remembered and loved for that. Wade is their drafted darling and has been there his entire career. With Wade suffering from a lack of form and plagued with injuries, it's safe to say they miss everything he brings to the court even though the Heat still have a great player in James.

Wade can play as well as any guard when he is in form, and when a guard is playing at his best his team are usually tough to beat. Wade is capable of changing games on both ends of the floor, and with a slumping Wade -- or without him at all -- the Heat just aren't the same force they can be. Of course they have great players to make amends, but they miss Wade more than most teams can imagine.

Even when Wade is playing he is still missed. They miss the player he was when he first joined forces with LeBron James. Sadly he is approaching the end of his career, but he might get there quicker than others if injuries continue to play their part. If he can stay healthy he will be an important player, but one can wonder how long it will be before the Heat need to look in a new direction which could prove to be a testing time for the organization and its fans. It may also lose LeBron to free agency too.

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5. He Is Their Hero

Brian Spurlock- USA TODAY Sports

No matter what heights the rest reach, Wade will always be the Miami Heat's true hero. Without him things just aren't the same.

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4. They Have No Player Like Him

Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

The Heat have a talented roster, but they have no like for like replacement. It's evident when Wade is not around.

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3. He's One of The Best Guards in The NBA

Jerome Miron- USA TODAY Sports

They say a guard can make a team great and there are a ton of superb guards around, but Wade is most certainly up there with the best of them when he is both healthy and in form.

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2. They're Easier to Beat Without Him

Steve Mitchell- USA TODAY Sports

Simply put nobody is as afraid of the Miami Heat when they are without Wade. Yes they have a talented team, but it's a lot easier for the likes of Kevin Durant to defeat them when they are without him.

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1. D-Wade And LeBron Make A Scary Duo

Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James make an unplayable duo. They have won back-to-back NBA championships as a pair, and without one of them -- in particular Wade -- the Heat do not seem like the same team.