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5 Ways the Miami Heat Should Continue to Support Dwyane Wade

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5 Ways the Miami Heat Should Continue to Support Dwyane Wade

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The Miami Heat are trying to do something that only a few teams in NBA history have been able to pull off. The Heat are in midst of a three-peat attempt and let's be honest - it's what's keeping casual fans interested. Whether people like it or not, dynasty teams are good for sports.

Dynasty teams draw people in for two main reasons - people love them and people hate them. When you have a team that's been at the top for awhile and especially if that team is loaded with superstars, some people will just automatically root against them because they're tired of the same old thing. It can also become a David and Goliath situation. People tend to root for the Davids of the world over the Goliaths of the world.

Can the Heat do it? Can they become the first team since the Shaq and Kobe Lakers to win three straight? I don't know if you can call them the favorites at this point, but we all know that teams like the Heat just have to make the playoffs. Veteran teams don't care about home court advantage. They know if they can get in the postseason, they can win it. This is why the Heat are coasting.

One player caught right in the middle of the coasting is star shooting guard Dwyane Wade. With his aging knees and body, Miami has been careful with him for a couple years now. But it seems that these seasons of Wade playing half the games at 100 percent, could be coming to an end. After all, he just turned 32 and the future of the Heat franchise is completely up in the air after the season concludes. So in the meantime, here are five ways the Heat can continue to support one of their all time great players:

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Let Him Rest For Another Finals Run

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Let's be honest, the Heat don't need Wade to make the playoffs or even to get the second seed. If he didn't play another minute this regular season, the Heat wouldn't be affected. It's all about keeping the minutes off his knees at this point.

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Let Lebron James Continue to Carry the Load

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James is in his prime and trying to win his third straight MVP award. Wade's time is nearly up, James' time is now.

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Take Him Off of Top Tier Talent on Defense

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Giving D-Wade easier defensive assignments is a great way the Heat could make things easier on him the rest of the way this regular season.

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Let Him Pack It In on Off Nights

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Some nights, you just don't have it. On those nights for Wade, Erik Spoelstra should just sit him down.

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Adhere to All His Demands

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If D-Wade wants a sandwich, get him one. If he needs the weekend off, give it to him. He's arguably the most important player in franchise history and the Heat would not be where they're at today without him. Give the man want he wants.