Dwyane Wade and the 15 Greatest Fathers in the NBA

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Who are some of the best fathers in the NBA?

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When we think of basketball players we primarily think about the prolific dunking, the deadly shooting, the statement-making blocks and the no-look assists. What most fans forget is that most of these guys have families. These players are not only stars on the court, but also stars at home.

There are many players with kids in the NBA and being able to balance their work on the court as well as their work at home has to be grueling. NBA players are on the road for 41 games a year and when they are not on the road, they have an extremely hectic schedule at home. Everything from practice to interviews to home games, making sure they get the family time in may seem impossible. Surprisingly enough though, there is a good-sized list of players that find the time to go above and beyond for their kids.

It's not only about giving their family tickets to the game, but it is about setting a positive example for their kids to want to model themselves after. From charity work to simply taking the family out to dinner and a movie, this list of players make up just a part of the elite group of fathers in the NBA. Some of the players on this list may come at a surprise because you just don't think of these tough and intense players as fathers of little kids. Whether you are a fan of some of these guys or not, you have to respect them.

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Tim Duncan

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Looking at Tim Duncan, he just has the appearance of a father. He has been around the league forever and has always been a complete professional about everything. A quiet superstar is a very rare feat these days. Don't get me wrong, the NBA wouldn't be the same without the loud and eccentric players, but having someone like Duncan is refreshing. Duncan is definitely a role model for his children not only by his personality but also his charity work. He founded the Tim Duncan Foundation early on in his career to raise awareness for health and education. Duncan will surely pass on some valuable lessons to his children.

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Carmelo Anthony

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Carmelo Anthony was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in the projects of Baltimore, Maryland. He had to fight his way through his childhood to become as successful as he is now. His experiences growing up were definitely a challenge as he was faced with drugs and violence. Much like Tim Duncan, Anthony has made it a goal to help others. With Melo though, his goal is to aid those who are exposed to the same sort of situation as he was growing up. Fortunately, his son Kiyah will have his father teach him that such crimes are unacceptable and that with hard work you can achieve anything.

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Tyson Chandler

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Tyson Chandler is one intimidating person, but when he has been spotted with his three children he is far from that. Chandler has been a class act since entering the league. He has always stuck up for his teammates as well as his community. Chandler is another player that is extremely active outside of basketball. He has been featured numerous times in the NBA Cares commercials and when he was a member of the New Orleans Hornets, he provided thousands of people with food and other household items. There is no doubt that his generosity and leadership will rub off on his kids as they grow older.

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Caron Butler

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One of the seasoned veterans in the league today, Caron Butler could not be excluded from this list. He is the father of five kids whom he has been known to love to spend time with. Butler has exclaimed in past interviews how much he enjoys hanging out with his family. Since being arrested when he was a teenager, Butler has developed into a role model not only for his kids, but for fellow NBA players. When told that he was returning to his home state of Wisconsin to finish out his career, Butler was ecstatic. Even though he was dealt to the Milwaukee Bucks, the worst team in the entire NBA, Butler was overcome with joy. In his first interview with the Milwaukee, Butler shed tears of joy because he was finally home.

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Kevin Garnett

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Possibly the most frightening individual in the NBA, Kevin Garnett, is father to Capri Garnett. Being the daughter of perhaps the most intense player in professional basketball will definitely keep you safe. The two have been spotted together on several occasions, so the Garnett mentality will certainly rub off on his daughter.

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Nick Young

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Who would have thought that a goofy player like Nick Young would have a child? If you are somebody that follows Young's Instagram account you should be fully aware of the fact that he is constantly with his kid. Young is unquestionably the happiest player in the NBA. The man always seems to have a smile on his face even after the scuffle with the entire Phoenix Suns team. His son will, without a doubt, be exactly the same as his dad.

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Metta World Peace

Ron Ron
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Now hear me out on this one. Yes, Metta World Peace does not have the best reputation out there. And yes, he has been known to blow a gasket once in a while. Think about it though, wouldn't you feel safe knowing that your dad is virtually indestructible. Aside from his temper, World Peace has the most comical interviews. Imagine living with him. One would never be bored.

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Matt Barnes

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Another player who has an extremely short temper. Matt Barnes is as resilient as they come, so if you are either of his twins, you know for a fact that your dad will always have your back. Barnes is scared of nobody and when not wanting to rip your head off, he actually seems like a cool fellow to hang out with.

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LeBron James

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Since signing with the Miami Heat, LeBron James seems to have calmed down a bit in terms of his lifestyle. This is partially due to the fact that he has two kids and is married, too. James' two boys are constantly featured in his television commercials and you can just tell how well the three of them get along. LeBron's rise to the top of the NBA will absolutely teach his sons how to fight through adversity and ignore the outside comments.

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Kobe Bryant

Black Mamba
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Everybody, whether Kobe Bryant hater or Kobe Bryant lover, must admit he would be one heck of a dad. Even though he is one of the most popular if not the most popular NBA players ever, Bryant never seems to lose grasp of what is important. The lessons that he could teach to his daughters are invaluable after all that he has gone through from his childhood to present. Kobe has built himself into a global favorite in addition to winning five championship rings. Also, we cannot forget the amount of charity work that he has done over his 18 years with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Steve Nash

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Steve Nash has always been atop the list of most caring payers in the NBA. He gave everything he had to all three teams that he has played for. Even with his recent nerve damage, Nash hasn't given up on rehabbing his way back onto the court. Furthermore, when he found out that he was going to be traded away from the Phoenix Suns, Nash worked a deal out with Suns management to send him to Los Angeles to stay as close as possible to his kids.

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Chris Paul

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At this point everybody must know who Chris Paul's son is. Chris Jr. travels everywhere with his dad and makes appearances in postgame press conferences here and there. Paul has been a role model for not only his son, but for kids across the county. He always carries himself with confidence and constantly puts the work in to continue to improve. His will to win is right up there with the other elites as well as his attitude.

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Ray Allen

Ray Ray
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Unlike the previously mentioned NBA fathers, Ray Allen's journey through fatherhood has not been as smooth. Allen's son almost lost his life to diabetes a few years back, but Allen has fortunately been able to take good enough care of his son so this disease can be fought to its fullest. Allen's fight against diabetes makes him deserving of the recognition as a fantastic father.

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Derek Fisher

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Similar to Ray Allen, Derek Fisher's journey through fatherhood has been difficult to say the least. Back when Fisher first signed with the Utah Jazz, he was forced to ask for his release when his daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer. His daughter almost lost the eye entirely but luckily the surgery was completed in time. However, that was not the end of it as Fisher and his wife had to move back to California so if she did have a problem again they would be close by their doctors. Thankfully, Tatum Fisher has fought the cancer and forced most of it out of her body. She could not have done this without her dad.

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Dwyane Wade

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Finally, we get to Dwyane Wade himself. A well-known family man that fought a gruesome battle with his ex-wife over full custody of their two sons. When battling for full custody, the mothers are usually granted custody so Wade knew that he had to do everything in his power to get his sons to live with him. The real tough part though, was attending court while also managing his busy schedule with the Miami Heat. Something of this magnitude would certainly pose as a distraction for a player, right? Not for Wade. During the trial period, Wade not only lit it up on the hardwood but also in the courts. The battle eventually would pay off and now Wade and his two sons reside in Florida together.

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