Miami Heat's LeBron James Is The Most Immature Superstar In The NBA

By Brian Anderson
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As a human being you are expected to grow over time, learn valuable lessons from your mistakes and find ways to improve on our faults. For LeBron James, his growth as a person has not been nearly as impressive as his growth as a player. No one can take anything away from him on court. He is a four-time MVP and two time NBA Champion. Millions of followers stand behind James as he continues to strive to achieve more accomplishments in the prime of his career.

Thus far, the 2013-14 NBA season seems to be taking a mental toll on James both on and off the court. Things like this happen when you’re a superstar because the spotlight constantly follows you around. During the season, James has demonstrated very unsportsmanlike behavior and has been more vocal than ever before. First, there was the incident with Mario Chalmers whom James launched himself at in anger during a timeout while the Miami Heat were losing to the Indiana Pacers.

James has also been involved in a handful of different physical altercations with players during games – mostly for “hard” fouls that anyone could have just brushed off and walked away. Instead, James has constantly acted out against anything and everything that he feels is too much and it usually doesn’t matter if it is a teammate or an opponent. From things like smacking Gatorade filled cups into fans’ faces, bumping into his head coach and yelling at teammates, James has not proven to be a mature human being throughout his career.

In Wednesday’s blowout loss to Oklahoma City Thunder, aside from yet another altercation with Derek Fisher, James would pull a Richard Sherman by getting negative attention thanks to his postgame remarks where he used the word “retarded” while answering a question. Afterwards, James admitted to have a bad habit of using the word out of context. This is something you would expect from a high school kid but not from a 10-year NBA veteran who is also the league’s most popular role-model.

This may be the first time he has publicly addressed the issue, but it is not the first time James has used to word when speaking to the media. James also used the same word to berate a media member during a postgame interview after a playoff loss to the Boston Celtics.

James’ actions have not come with any repercussions before, but I think something needs to be done to prove that his form of bullying will not be accepted. As a role-model for millions of kids worldwide, James should be held accountable for his actions, just as many players before him have. This matter should not be overlooked just because of who he is.

LeBron constantly displays his immaturity and no action is ever taken against his mistakes. At least he recognized that he has an issue, but that is not good enough. James will not change if he isn’t held accountable for his actions even if he says he will attempt to. He is immature and needs to respect the position he is in by choosing his words and actions more carefully in the future.

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