Should Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Kentucky's Julius Randle?

By kennethbrown
Mark Zerof- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a weird place right now. They’re not the worst, but they’re most certainly not the best team in the NBA. They have talented players and a deep roster, but this coming summer will be one of the most important in the team’s history. Whether it’s through a trade or free agency, this team will need and will seek changes; however, they should not overlook the potential in this year’s loaded draft class.

Trying to guess the kind of pick they will have is near impossible with their lack of consistency and the draft lottery’s unpredictability; but if they continue to struggle and get rewarded with a top-10 draft pick, then they should look no further than Julius Randle of Kentucky. The young forward has been a major surprise this year, grabbing plenty of rebounds and a regular number of points. The Cavaliers could use his size, power and scoring ability.

The Cavaliers sometimes go for certain players rather than the best available at the time, and that hasn’t done them a lot of good so far. However, if Randle is available when they pick, then they should pick the best on the board and a player they need to fit one of their own needs.

A lot can happen between now and the NBA Draft coming up, but if Randle is a member of the Cavaliers next season, then their future would look a lot brighter than it currently does.

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