2014 NBA Offseason Could Be Just As Bad As 2010 For Cleveland Cavaliers

By Devin O'Barr
Kyrie Irving
David Richard – USA TODAY Sports

Just when things appeared to be looking up for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the team has managed to drive itself down a path of despair and disappointment yet again. However, this time the folks in Cleveland are preparing for the worst. Believe it or not; the city of Cleveland is still licking its wounds from the LeBron James‘ departure and those same fans are starting to get a sinking feel that definitely isn’t new.

Apparently, Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving is frustrated with Cleveland in general. This isn’t exactly breaking news, because let’s face it — we are talking about Cleveland here. Either way, Irving was supposed to lead the post-LeBron Cavs to new heights, but the point guard has instead grown frustrated with Cleveland’s inept roster and losing ways.

For a team that has had two first-overall picks in the last three years, the Cavaliers really have done a poor job of developing talent. Heck, one look at Anthony Bennett and you can see one of the many reasons why Irving has a legitimate beef with the franchise and its sad excuse for a roster.

Furthermore, the Cavaliers have a team option worth 7.7 million in 2014 that they will likely extend Irving’s way. However, the point guard doesn’t seem like he’s above demanding a trade to get out of Ohio as soon as this summer. If that were to happen it would force the Cavs to enter the rebuild of all rebuilds and it would not be pretty. In fact, a collapse of that magnitude would give the LeBron saga a run for its money in terms of total drama.

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