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5 Awesome Things Dwyane Wade Could Do After He Retires

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Dwyane Wade And 5 Awesome Things He Could Do After Retirement

Via Dwyane Wade's official Facebook account

Miami Heat basketball star Dwyane Wade has been going through a tough phase in the 11th year of his terrific career due to frequent injuries and limited playing time. While many are speculating whether his time in the game is nearing an end, the player still holds immense value to his team and is far from being finished. He showed his mettle in the finals against the San Antonio Spurs last year, and he is a vital cog in the Heat’s plans for winning another NBA title this season to achieve the much-vaunted three-peat.

Wade’s love for an aggressive and offense-oriented game is gradually influencing his abilities on the court and reducing his impact on the game at critical times, and the Heat need to take an even closer look at his playing time while maintaining the the advantage of having a player of his caliber.

There is also an imminent need for the player himself to transform his game to pursue longevity in the sport like Jason Kidd did or risk an early retirement. Wade’s love for the game should see him make the necessary adjustments and reinvent his career, rather than getting forced out against his wish.

When Wade does decide to call it a day on his career, however, here are five exciting career options that he can look forward to pursuing.

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5. Become A Full-Time Inspirational Author And Speaker

Via Dwyane Wade's official Facebook account

Wade’s memoir “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball” has received great reviews everywhere, and he could build on it and try his hand at becoming an inspirational author and speaker.

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4. Become A UNICEF Ambassador

Via Dwyane Wade's official Facebook account

Wade has been involved in a lot of charity and community work, and his WWF foundation has been doing a great job. The player’s passion to help the needy can be channeled at an even bigger level by him becoming a full-time ambassador for UNICEF and using his influence on a global scale.

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3. Visit India To Promote Basketball

Via Dwyane Wade's official Facebook account

Wade's superstar status in the game can go a long way in helping to promote basketball in India, where the game is played at a sporadic level. NBA itself has been taking many initiatives to promote the game in the country at the grassroots level, and the regular presence of a player like Wade would surely help fast-track tho se efforts.

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2. Model For GQ Magazine

Via Dwyane Wade's official Facebook account

Wade’s dapper looks are well known, and he was voted as the NBA player with the best fashion sense in a Sports Illustrated poll. He would be a shoo-in as a model for the popular fashion magazine GQ.

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1. Remake David Hasselhoff's “Knight Rider”

Via Dwyane Wade's official Facebook account

Wade loved watching David Hasselhoff's crime-fighting series “Knight Rider” as a kid with his grandmother, and he could attempt to make a modern interpretation of the science fiction show and star as the titular character Michael Knight.