David Stern and Mark Cuban Put Past Aside, Pose For Photo

By Andrew Fisher
David Stern
USA Today Sports

David Stern and Mark Cuban have gotten to know each other pretty well over the years. No, it hasn’t been the most friendly of relationships. Since Cuban bought the Dallas Mavericks back in 2000, he’s roughly been fined about $2 million by the NBA. That’s a lot of cheese.

So as Stern’s tenure as Commissioner has been winding down, Cuban said that he was going to get fined one more time. Just because. That happened last week, when the Mavs owner was slapped with $100k fine from the league after he confronted officials following a game.

But even though Cuban’s bank account isn’t quite as fat as it could be because of Stern and the NBA, it looks like he’s okay with it. Check out this picture of the outspoken owner and the soon-to-be retired commish:

David Stern

A little awkward looking with that duck face, but overall, a pretty good pic.

So it appears that these two don’t have the worst of relationships after all. Who would have thought?

It’s no doubt going to be tough for the NBA to replace a guy like Stern. His legacy is a good one, as the league reached its highest popularity during his tenure. It didn’t hurt anything that he had mega stars to carry his league, but regardless, he improved the NBA’s stock dramatically over his 30 years at the helm.

Will the NBA get even bigger during Adam Silver‘s tenure? I think it’s possible. Especially, if the game expands overseas.


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