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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix The Golden State Warriors

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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix The Golden State Warriors

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Carmelo Anthony is one of the biggest mysteries we have in the NBA lately. His talent is undeniable, yet twice now teams have come up short building a championship contender around him. The Denver Nuggets couldn’t do it, and apparently the New York Knicks can’t do it either. Clearly, it seems like it once again is time for him to find another team to chase that elusive ring.

One team that would be a great fit for Anthony and his score-first mentality would be the Golden State Warriors. Already a team built around offense, the Warriors would be the perfect team to blend Melo’s style with their own.

Currently the Warriors are led by sharpshooting point guard Stephen Curry. While Curry is having a breakout year, he needs more help to get to the promised land. If the Warriors stand pat with the team they have they’re destined to once again make noise in the postseason but fall short to the better teams in the Western Conference.

But if they add Anthony to their squad they would have the foundation of a team that could compete for a title. Anthony has been a disappointment in his prior attempts at winning it all, but he’s never been on a team with as much talent as the Warriors. Team him up with Curry and the rest of the high-scoring Golden State squad and you would immediately have one of the most dangerous teams in the league.

These are the five reasons why Anthony would fix the Golden State Warriors right away.

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5. His Bad Defense Won't Matter

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Let's all face facts; the Warriors don't exactly expend a ton of energy on the defensive end. Anthony will fit right in. He can save himself for attacking on the offensive end, and Golden State can fulfill its destiny as the best offensive team in the league.

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4. He Can Attract Good Role Players

Role Players
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Part of building a championship caliber team is getting superstars who can attract good role players, especially older veteran types who just want a shot at a title. If Melo teams up with Curry and the rest of the Warriors, those quality role players will line up to get a shot at riding their coattails to a ring.

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3. He's A Scorer

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Golden State is built on one thing — elite scoring. They have some of the best shooters in the league, and adding one of the best iso players around will only make those shooters better. Melo's ball-stopping, shoot-first offensive game is actually a good match for a team that doubles down on the offense.

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2. He's A Truly Elite Player

Elite Player
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Sorry, Warriors fans, but you're not going to like what I'm going to say next. Curry is not an elite NBA player. I know, his numbers have been crazy good this year, but truly elite players can carry their teams to titles. Curry can't, but in the right situation Anthony can. That doesn't mean Curry isn't really, really good, and that he can't get even better. More on that next.

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1. He Can Make Stephen Curry Better

Stephen Curry
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See, I told you it would all work out in the end. Curry is an elite guard and one of the best shooters in the league, maybe ever. What he needs the most is a top-tier scorer to take the pressure of him. Anthony demands double-teams which will leave Curry with more open shots. Throw in how much better Curry has been at finding shots for his teammates this year, and the two of them could be the best pairing in the league.