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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix The Los Angeles Lakers

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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix The Los Angeles Lakers

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If there’s one thing we know for sure about Carmelo Anthony, it’s that drama seems to follow him wherever he goes. When he was with the Denver Nuggets there were always rumors about where he would eventually play, and now that he might opt out of his contract with the New York Knicks those same rumors have started to rev up all over again.

One of the more intriguing possibilities for Anthony’s future is for the Knicks to trade him to the Los Angeles Lakers. Just like the Nuggets, if the Knicks don’t think they can’t convince him to stay then their best bet would be to trade him to someone who can ship them back young players and draft picks to begin their rebuilding process. It's not what Knicks fans want, but letting him go for nothing is even worse.

The Lakers could do just that. They're not a playoff contender as we speak, but they aren’t the kind of franchise to accept a long-term rebuilding period. By trading for Anthony they would immediately put themselves in playoff contention, not to mention have a star that would fill the seats and remind their city that the Lakers are the premier team in the area, not the upstart Los Angeles Clippers.

No matter where Anthony goes the drama will follow him, but what team and what city are better prepared to handle drama than the Lakers and L.A.? A classic scorer, Anthony is just what the Lakers need to get back to being one of the top draws in the league, not to mention a championship contender.

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5. He Can Score

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There may be plenty of reasons to poke holes in his game, but one thing Anthony can do better than anyone else on the planet not named Kevin Durant is scoring the basketball. He can't win a title on his own just as a scorer, but it sure does help to rejuvenate a franchise in need of an elite, go-to scorer.

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4. He'll Bring Back Showtime

Bring Back Showtime
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It's all about putting on a good show in L.A. Once a team known for its up-tempo, run-and-gun style of play, they have been a boring watch of lately. Carmelo would bring back the high-scoring days of old.

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3. He Matches Well With Kobe Bryant

Kobe Byrant
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Kobe Bryant does his best work in isolation, especially at this point in his career. Adding Anthony to the team will allow them to play a now old-school style of one-on-one basketball. They could spread the floor and force the other team to single cover one of their two offensive powerhouses. With both Bryant and Anthony on the floor at the same time they would be one of the best offensive teams in the league.

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2. He Can Attract Other Stars

Attract Other Stars
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Team building in the NBA is all about star players attracting other star players to their teams. You need at least two, if not three, elite players to compete for a championship these days. Trading for Anthony would start the process of bringing more star power to L.A.

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1. He's A Big Name

Big Name
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The Lakers are one of the premier teams in the league. It must be killing them that they don't have a marquee player on the floor anymore. Sometimes you just need a shot of star power to remind you who you really are, and Anthony could remind the Lakers they are the place where the stars go to play.