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5 Reasons Why Los Angeles Lakers Mustn’t Trade for Carmelo Anthony

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The Los Angeles Lakers should not trade for Carmelo Anthony

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The Los Angeles Lakers have had a dismal season thus far to say the least. Injuries have been piling up for the second year in a row now, forcing the Lakers to give unusually large amounts of minutes to below-par players. Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant have played just six games each this entire year. Both Steve Blake and Jordan Farmar have also been injured for the majority of the season after beginning the season strong. As of today Los Angeles has accumulated 31 losses. This is the first time since the 1966-67 season that they have suffered this many losses before February. In addition to the stack of losses, the Lakers have allowed 100 or more points in 14- straight games. So if you haven't gotten the point of all these statistics yet, it is that the Lakers have played extremely badly.

The team has a load of contracts coming off the books this offseason. When signing all of these players last summer, GM Mitch Kupchak's intention was to give them one-year deals to keep some flexibility moving forward. Everybody is basically trying out for the team this year to try to earn a long- term contract at the conclusion of the season. So, with all of these problems, what good is making a trade for anybody?

Carmelo Anthony's name has been in constant rumors about his impending free agency. It is no secret that he is good friends with Kobe and that he is a big fan of Los Angeles. So rather than taking the risk of Carmelo signing with a different team this offseason, why wouldn't the Lakers just trade for him now?

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Carmelo could easily leave and sign somewhere else

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One of the most glaring reasons that the Lakers shouldn't trade for Anthony is that he could easily walk out the door at the conclusion of this season. Why on earth, at this point in his career, would he want to be part of a rebuilding project in Los Angeles. Time is rapidly running out for him as he is almost 30 years old. If the Lakers ended up trading for him and he walks, they are in even deeper trouble than they are now. Not a good idea.

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Kobe vs. Carmelo Conflict

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Yes, Bryant and Anthony are best of friends off the court. They have gone on the record and showed their appreciation for each other's game numerous times. The two have even played together on Team USA in the Olympics on a couple of occasions. Why couldn't they play together while in the NBA? Both players love shooting the ball and that's an understatement. There is no possible way that a team can have two players shoot 25 times each a game and expect to win. At some point while playing together, either Kobe or Carmelo will end up fighting the other (my money would be on Kobe). This combination could never mesh, and it's not worth trying out.

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Lakers would have to give up too much

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The New York Knicks will certainly receive generous offers from several mediocre teams across the league for Anthony. Los Angeles has already traded away the majority of their draft picks for the years to come, and they have learned that this strategy is not always successful (examples being: Steve Nash trade, Dwight Howard trade). Additionally, the Lakers do not have many players that New York would be interested in so any deal for Anthony would involve all players that are worth something along with whatever picks that Los Angeles has left. Ultimately, the Lakers would end up giving way too much up in exchange for Anthony.

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Ruin their chances at landing a free agent

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The entire NBA has been waiting for Kevin Love to become a free agent ever since he came into the league (except of course the Minnesota Timberwolves). Several anonymous GMs around the league have said that they expect Love to leave to Los Angeles as soon as possible. So why go after Anthony, when you obviously have a shot at the better, younger player in Love? He is totally worth risking to lose out on Anthony.

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Ruin their chances at a high draft pick

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Finally, with such a loaded draft there is no reason to try and get better at this point in the season. Los Angeles' chances to make the playoffs are long gone. Trying to get better through trades after accumulating over thirty losses just past the half-way point is just plain stupid. If they were to acquire Anthony this month, the Lakers would undoubtedly win themselves out of the lottery and into the middle of the pack. The team has a legitimate shot at drafting a top prospect such as Jabari Parker, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and so on. They are better off swallowing their pride and staying where they are now.

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