NBA Trade Deadline: 5 Teams That Must Stand Pat

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5 Teams Wise To Avoid Moves At Trade Deadline

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The NBA Trade Deadline is approaching quickly so the madness of the trades and signings will be one of the hot topics in the basketball world during February.

Every franchise takes a different approach to this frenetic stage of the season and while some teams are acting as buyers looking to improve their squads to make a late push for a playoff seed, others are looking to offload their veterans – and maybe some expiring deals in the process – to get as many future assets as possible.

But there are other teams – the minority of franchises – that need to stand pat during all the madness as they are properly constructed right now and are definitively on the right track.

Some of the teams have struggled during this season – being injured or simply the lack of chemistry are some of the reasons – but that doesn’t mean that a fire sale needs to be held just because the rest of the league is busy making transactions. As things stand right now, some teams would be wise to stay the course of what they already have planned to see how far they can go this year.

It remains to be seen what happens during this month as sometimes things can change in a heartbeat due to an injury or a losing streak, but if there are no surprises, this articles lists five teams that would be wise to stay away from the craziness of the deadline.

Eager to find out which teams should stand pat during the NBA Trade Deadline? Read on to find out who they are.

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5. Oklahoma City Thunder

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The Oklahoma City Thunder have a balanced team on both sides of the ball and they will only be better once Russell Westbrook comes back. They have good interior players, a solid bench and the front-runner for the MVP award in Kevin Durant, so they don’t need to make any changes to their roster this season.

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4. Phoenix Suns

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The Phoenix Suns have been one of the most surprising teams in the NBA this season and despite the fact that they don’t have much talent on their roster – with the exception of Goran Dragic and the currently injured Eric Bledsoe – they would be wise to stick with their core during this season. They have several draft picks and cash flexibility to build from the draft instead of making trades that won’t benefit the team in the long run.

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3. Brooklyn Nets

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The Brooklyn Nets haven’t played as expected this season, but the team is improving as of late and they would be wise to maintain their current roster to see how far it takes them this year. The team has talent on both sides of the ball and the improving record and performance suggests that they are on the right track after a slow start.

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2. Miami Heat

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Much has been talked about how the Miami Heat need to add a few interior players to improve their interior defense and their rebounding, but they should do nothing at the trade deadline. The bench players are starting to gel and as long as the Big 3 can remain healthy and productive, the Heat will be automatic contenders to make another trip to the NBA Finals.

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1. San Antonio Spurs

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Yes, the San Antonio Spurs have been struggling against the top teams in the NBA and they could even be headed to an early playoff exit if they don’t turn things around, but they would be wise to stand pat during the trade deadline. After all, they have four key players injured and once all of them come back healthy – something that should happen between the All-Star break and Trade Deadline – they should be ready to compete once again.