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NBA Trade Deadline: 5 Teams That Won’t Be Active

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Which teams will pass on making a trade?

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With the trade deadline approaching and a multitude of rumors floating around the NBA, we are now in the most exciting month of the regular season. Everybody is on edge knowing that their team can make a move at any time. There certainly are plenty of talented players out there whose names have been in rumors all season. If fans get this excited around the trade deadline time, imagine how anxious those players are feeling right now. Until the deadline passes, every player in the NBA is unsure if they will be on the same team tomorrow, next week or next month.

We all know how bogus most of the rumors usually are because most of the blockbuster trades that occur are totally unexpected. For example, remember when the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Pau Gasol years ago or when James Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets prior to the start of last season? Neither of these trades were expected by anybody as both players were huge pieces of their former franchises. Following these trades, both Houston and Los Angeles were instantly elevated from being a scrub team to a playoff caliber team.

There are a few teams in the NBA at this moment in time that are championship contenders. These sort of teams are probably the most unlikely to make a trade due to the fact that it's pretty unnecessary. On the contrary, there are many teams that wish that they could make a trade, but do not have the assets to receive quality players in return. Here are some of the teams that are more than likely to stand pat at the deadline.

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5. Indiana Pacers

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This morning it was announced that the Indiana Pacers signed free agent Andrew Bynum for the remainder of the 2014 season. Prior to this move, the team was already considered a heavy contender and now they are even more of a favorite. Now that Indiana has addressed their depth problem, there is no real reason to make a trade. The team is such a tight knit group, breaking them up would only cause problems.

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4. Oklahoma City Thunder

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Even with the prolonged absence of their second best player, the Oklahoma City Thunder have been able to remain atop the Western Conference for the majority of this season. This is, to a large extent, due to the high volume scoring of MVP candidate Kevin Durant. If the team is this unstoppable without Russell Westbrook, just imagine how much tougher they will be to beat once he returns. Being that this group clicks so well together, trying to experiment, even if it's the most insignificant trade, simply isn't worth it. They're way better off testing their chances at a title with this team.

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3. New York Knicks

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If the New York Knicks could make a trade, they unquestionably would. However, there is almost no chance that they make any noise at the deadline. This team is full of awful contracts from Amar'e Stoudemire to Andrea Bargnani. In hindsight, if the team were that desperate to get rid of both of those players, they would have already. The hold up to these deals occurring is the fact that New York would have to give up either a first round pick, Tim Hardaway Jr. and/or Iman Shumpert. None of which the Knicks are willing to part with. Therefore, don't expect any new faces on the Knicks until next season.

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2. Golden State Warriors

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The Golden State Warriors are having their absolute best season in some time now. Stephen Curry has been named an All-Star starter and Andrew Bogut is finally consistently healthy. Golden State has also already made their blockbuster trade last offseason by acquiring Andre Iguodala for a bunch of expiring contracts. The Warriors' record doesn't truly reflect how dangerous of a team they are since they played about 20 games without Iguodala. The organization knows that they have something special over there and there is no reason to mess with it.

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1. Miami Heat

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Finally, we reach the defending champions, the Miami Heat. As we all are know, the Heat have won back-to-back NBA titles and have barely changed their team. Aside from a few minor free agent acquisitions, they have almost an identical roster compared to two years ago. At this point, the team might as well give it one more go with this roster. Then again, who is a quality player that can bring back something in return other than LeBron James, Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh?