Should the Charlotte Bobcats Consider Signing Seth Curry?

By Wesley Robinson
Seth Curry
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Former Duke University star and Santa Cruz Warrior Seth Curry will now be hoping to land a spot on an NBA roster one day. Honestly, I believe teams are making a huge mistake by passing up on this guy and will regret it very soon. This would be the superb opportunity for Curry to sign with his hometown team, the Charlotte Bobcats.

With Charlotte going back to the Hornets, Seth would have the chance to wear his father’s No. 30 jersey in a Hornets uniform just as his dad once did in his NBA career. Nothing would make a father more proud than to watch his younger son carry on his Charlotte Hornets’ legacy in this generation. Now that Dell Curry is working as the Bobcats’ broadcaster, he would have an opportunity to watch and call his son’s games.

During Dell’s career as a Hornet, he averaged 13.8 points per game with a .390 three-point shooting percentage and was able to obtain the sixth man award in the 1988-89 season. Seth has the potential to duplicate his father’s statistics and achievements as a player, especially with a team that is in need of help to uplift their playoff hopes even higher. Along with Anthony Tolliver, Curry definitely could provide Charlotte with an ability they have lacked for years, and that’s a pure shooter.

Curry suffered a tough shin injury that resulted in him having surgery at the end of the season which caused him to miss last year’s NBA team workouts. I guess many teams felt drafting the Duke star would be a bit risky at that time, but I also believe that Curry is a very talented player to a certain extent. Curry is a bit under sized at 6-foot-2 for the shooting guard position and lacks the athletic ability that most NBA guards he will face possess. At his size, he would be forced to transition himself into a point guard just like his older brother Stephen Curry. A lot of teams in the draft last year felt that this could be a problem seeing that he only averaged only 1.5 assists in his last year of college ball. Critics believe he lacks the court vision of a point guard, but his D-League statistics say otherwise. So far this season with the Warriors, Curry is averaging 7.1 assists in 19 games.

Not only is he developing the ability to pass, but don’t forget that this kid can shoot the lights out of a gym. Curry currently leads the Warriors in scoring averaging 19.4 points on 42.6 percent shooting from the floor and 33.3 percent from long range. In his last year at Duke, Curry averaged 17.5 points with a career high shooting percentage of .438 from the floor and three-point line. That’s a pretty good stat line, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s also not forget that this is a player who played for one of the greatest coaches of all-time, Mike Krzyzewski. It is definitely not easy to receive a spot on Coach K’s roster and to play under the pressure that this program possesses.

Of course, Curry does not acquire the exact skill set that his older brother does, but he can definitely become a lethal weapon on the offensive end as a shooter just like his father. Now I’m not saying he will become an instant star just like his brother has, but he could be a very helpful scorer for a team that doesn’t relatively shoot well from long range. With Ben Gordon in the last year of his contract and also sitting last at the end of the bench, it is more than likely that Charlotte will be looking to replace him. It seems as if the opportunity to become that lethal weapon is destined for a player like him to not only carry his father’s legacy, but to become Charlotte’s hometown hero.

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