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5 Reasons Golden State Warriors Should Avoid Acquiring Carmelo Anthony

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5 Reasons the Warriors and Carmelo are Not a Good Fit

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In the modern-day NBA, many teams are committed to constructing super teams in order to win a championship, but this structure has its limitations. In a star driven league, every player must market themselves as their own brand to gain endorsement deals and bring their status to an optimal level which ultimately makes them more money. This type of greed and self-centric attitude makes the super team construct fall apart.

Teams that have won in the past all had superstars who were willing to take a backseat and let other stars carry the team on more than one occasion. An offseason of big moves looms this coming summer when a number of free agents will test the market, but potential suitors for superstars will need to decide if their team is really in need of a chemistry shakeup in order to win a championship.

One of the biggest free agents set to be available to the masses this offseason is Carmelo Anthony. He is expected to opt-out of his contract with the New York Knicks to gauge his value on the market and possibly relocate for the upcoming seasons. Anthony is still among the greats of the game, but he has failed to make a Finals appearance and has had trouble carrying mediocre teams in the past. Anthony is a dynamic scorer who can light it up any night, but his style of play will inevitably scare off several potential suitors.

One team that should shy away from acquiring Anthony is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors have made tremendous headway the last few seasons under Mark Jackson and have a plethora of young talent to build around. The Warriors should be hesitant to sign the volume shooter to a long-term deal because the move would be a detriment to the team's current state and hinder the franchise's ability to make moves in the long run. Carmelo is one of the best players in the game, but his style does not fit the Warriors' system and it would be a huge mistake for the team to acquire this superstar.

Let's take a closer look as to why the Warriors should avoid signing Carmelo Anthony and instead continue on the team's current path to success.

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5. Stephen Curry

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One of the biggest reasons the Warriors should not sign Carmelo is because the team already possesses a superstar in Stephen Curry. Curry has quickly become one of the best players in the NBA and is electrifying night in and night out. There can only be one leading man on each team, and Carmelo is not the type of player to take a backseat to anyone. Curry and Carmelo are both volume shooters, and those players tend to not mesh well on the same team.

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4. Cap Space

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The Warriors would use up a large amount of cap space in acquiring Anthony which will hurt the team down the road. The team has promising young talent that will be able to contribute for years to come, and the signing of Anthony would jeopardize the re-signing of the talented young players such as Harrison Barnes.

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3. Team Chemistry

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The Warriors are continuing to improve chemistry within a young and close-knit team, and Carmelo would disrupt this chemistry and stunt the growth of young players in the locker room. The team has improved each year and currently looks like a championship contender. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

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2. Atmosphere

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The city has embraced the team and has fallen in love with the Splash Bros. theme. Carmelo would be welcomed to the city by the bay, but he would not receive the undivided attention and admiration he currently receives in New York. Curry and Klay Thompson have already cornered the market in the city, and Anthony would not like being a secondary piece on this team since he has been "the guy" throughout his career.

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1. Melo's Offensive Mindset

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Carmelo would have to decrease his shot attempts drastically and who knows how that would go over. The Warriors are a high-scoring team, but the team spreads the points around nicely and isn't a one-man band. A change in atmosphere would be a shock to Melo's system and could provide problems to an already successful team.