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5 Reasons Why The Phoenix Suns Mustn’t Trade For Carmelo Anthony

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5 Reasons Why The Phoenix Suns Mustn't Trade For Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony
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Carmelo Anthony is the biggest name rumored to be on the NBA trade market this year. A potential franchise player, he has disappointed in his two previous attempts at leading a team to the promised land. You know what they say; burn me once shame on you, burn me twice shame on me. So why would the Phoenix Suns think the third time would be the charm for him?

The answer is simple — they shouldn’t. They should know by watching what has happened to the last two franchises that tried to build around him. He’s a selfish, score-first player that doesn’t do anything to make his team better. That in and of itself isn’t terrible; the league definitely has a place for guys like him, but you can’t make him the centerpiece of a championship team.

The Suns have a great thing going this year. They were supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league, but instead they are in the midst of the playoff conversation heading into the second half of the year. That may have some thinking they should make a splashy move to get even better, but the last thing they need to do is change course right now.

Anthony is a very, very good player, but he needs the right situation to be worth trading for. He needs to be with another star player, particularly one who can make up for his defensive deficiencies. He needs to go to an established team where he will be the piece that puts them over the top -- not to a team like the Suns trying to figure out what their nucleus should be going forward.

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5. He's Bad For Chemistry

Bad Chemistry
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Teams take on the characteristics of their star players. Unfortunately for every team that has ever had Melo as the star player, that means they give sporadic effort and play bad defense. The Suns don't need him coming to town and messing with their chemistry.

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4. He Doesn't Play Defense

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The biggest change in basketball the last ten years or so has been the emphasis on the defensive end. And it's not just untalented hacks hammering away at star players who constitute defense anymore. Good players have to be able to contribute on the defensive end which is one of the biggest reasons why Melo's teams always underachieve.

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3. He's A Ball Stopper

Ball Stopper
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It's the biggest thing you can say against Melo -- well, accept for his attitude. He doesn't play well with others and certainly doesn't make his teammates better. He can thrive in a slow-down, isolation offense, but the Suns like to get out and run. He's just not a good match for them.

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2. You've Got A Good Thing Going

Good Thing
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The Suns are one of the best stories of the season so far. They have a good group of young players and find themselves in playoff contention heading down the stretch. Making a major move will only serve to put the spotlight on them and possibly put a stop to the good thing they have going.

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1. He's Not Worth A Max Deal

Max Deal
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Any team that trades for Anthony knows they'll need to give him a max deal to keep him around. The thing is you can only give that deal to someone who can take your team to a title, and he's proven he can't do that. Trust me, Phoenix; you're better off letting someone else overpay him for the next few years and constantly underachieve in the playoffs.