Minnesota Timberwolves PF Kevin Love Moves Up MVP Ladder with 43 Point Game

By Dave Daniels
Kevin Love
Jayne Kamin-USA Today Sports

Power forward Kevin Love may just be getting a little bit angry that Kevin Durant is getting all the MVP talk, and the power forward’s 43 point game spoke volumes about how much he wants to get to the promised land this season. His team’s loss though, speaks oceans about whether this squad can actually make the playoffs.

“[Giving up] 72 points [in a half] is not going to do it,” coach Rick Adelman said after the loss. “The first five minutes of the [third quarter] set the tone for the whole half. I think Corey got a little too aggressive. [Korver’s] shooting a prayer. You just have to let it go. If he makes it, he makes it.”

It was a tough way to lose, and something tells me that something will break in the end. The All Star starter is trying to put the team on his back, but at the same time he is not getting along with some of his teammates.

We will have to see if Love becomes frustrated enough to leave, but it appears that new general manager Flip Saunders has the power forward’s ear in a way that David Kahn never did. Remember the triple point guard draft? Hehe. Sorry had to do it real quick. Got a couple more previews coming at you tonight and doing this while watching the Super Bowl. Much love and stay warm out there for any Chi-towners; stay off the roads when you can!

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