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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix the Chicago Bulls

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Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix the Bulls

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Who knows if Carmelo Anthony will be on the New York Knicks next season or not. Regardless, we will be taking a look at five reasons why he would fix the Chicago Bulls.

Chicago was once one of the best teams in the NBA. No, not when Michael Jordan played, although the Bulls were the best back then. I am talking about a much more recent time, though.

When Derrick Rose was healthy and had good knees, Chicago was one of the best teams in the league. That time seems like it was years ago.

The Bulls are still a good team, but a 23-23 record isn’t exactly going to make people think that they are the best team, and it shouldn’t. That record is good enough to get them into the playoffs, though, as the team is currently the No. 6 seed in the East.

In fact, they are only two games behind the No. 3 seed. You have to love how weak the East is outside of Miami and Indiana.

Whether if it is Rose coming back and returning to his old self, trading a player or going into rebuild mode, Chicago needs some sort of change.

Believe it or not, landing Anthony would help make the Bulls one of the best teams once again and is the exact change that I am speaking of.

Is he the best player in the NBA? No, that title goes to LeBron James and Kevin Durant. Does his defense blow us away? Heck no! Is he one of the best scorers and could make many teams better? Check and check.

Who knows if the team will actually get Anthony, but let’s take a look at five reasons why he would fix Chicago.

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5. Need a Star With Derrick Rose Out

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The Chicago Bulls do not have a star as of right now. Sure, Derrick Rose is still on the team, but who knows when he will take the court again. With their star out, they could certainly use another one and Carmelo Anthony definitely fits that description.

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4. Could Attract Other Players to Chicago

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Carmelo Anthony is so talented that he could attract other players to Chicago. He may not be the best defender, but his offensive abilities should be more than appealing to anyone in the league.

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3. Could Use A Scorer Like Melo

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Chicago does not have a player that it can count on--night in and out--to score 20+ points per game. All of the best teams in the NBA have a player like that. The Bulls could use a guy who is putting up 27.1 points per game, which is what Melo is averaging this season.

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2. Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony Would Make Up Amazing Duo

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Just imagine Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony playing alongside one another.

It wasn’t long ago when Rose averaged 25 points per game in a season. Melo is clearly putting up high scoring numbers this season and the two playing on the same team could make up the most lethal scoring duo in the league.

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1. He is a Franchise-Changing Player

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Carmelo Anthony helped make the Denver Nuggets a playoff contending team and he did the same thing with the New York Knicks. He would do the same thing for Chicago. Yes, the Bulls seem to make the playoffs on a yearly basis already, but Carmelo has the talent to take them to the next level.

For better and not worse, he is a franchise-changing type of player.