Cleveland Cavaliers Not Playing Like Professionals

By kennethbrown
Anthony Gruppuso- USA TODAY Sports

It’s a little over halfway through the 2013-14 NBA season, and the Cleveland Cavaliers couldn’t be more ready for it to be over with. They’ve had their ups and downs and several false dawns, but their fortunes aren’t changing. It’s time they effectively write off their playoff hopes off for the season. Frankly it would be an embarrassment to the NBA if they were to make it even if as a late seed. The minimum you expect from a professional team is to act, well, professional, right? The Cavaliers are far from it at the moment.

The Cavaliers are facing a tough run of games at the moment, and their lack of effort and ability is truly showing. The Cavaliers recently faced the New York Knicks who have had their own struggles this season. Strangely enough the Cavaliers usually beat, or at the very least compete, when playing the Knicks, but not on this occasion. They lost 117-86 and were a disgrace to their team. Many times they were simply throwing the ball in hope and not trying to tactically outwit their opponents. Being a bad basketball team is accepted, but being one who can’t even get the basics sorted out is not.

The lack of effort seemingly followed in to their game against the Houston Rockets where they lost 106-92. Although they were slightly better in this game, there were many familiar aspects such as the noticeable lack of effort. The Cavaliers have high hopes of success and they talk a big game, but when they step on the court the lack of respect they have for their coach is apparent.

There’s a long, long road ahead before the Cavaliers become a respected NBA team, but it’s clear that heads must roll this offseason and changes need to be made.

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