Does Kyrie Irving Want To Be a Cleveland Cavalier?

By kennethbrown
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

Kyrie Irving is clearly the best player the Cleveland Cavaliers have, but does he want to be there? It may be hard to hear for the Cleveland fans, but some are suggesting the young point guard wants to follow in LeBron James‘ footsteps and leave Cleveland in order to find success. Rumors surfaced last week that he had told friends and family “he wanted out,” but he was quick to deny this, stating he was happy to be a Cavalier.

Although he came out and tackled this difficult subject, there’s not much else he could’ve said. If he’d said he wanted to leave it would have caused problems as contractually he cannot leave for a long while. He did, however, refuse to say he would sign a new contract with the Cavaliers. There is evidence that the youngster is unhappy under Mike Brown‘s coaching and he’s unhappy in Cleveland. Kyrie has had a few brilliant seasons, and it must be tough for him to be labelled an All-Star when none of his players seem to work well alongside him.

The Cavaliers have struggled with the young star on their team, so it’s unthinkable how bad they’d be without him. Although he’s their player for now, perhaps now is the time the Cavaliers start playing properly and then make a push for top free agents to keep their superstar player happy. After failing to do so with LeBron, you’d think the Cavaliers would like to avoid this type of scenario again. Over to you, Cleveland.

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