Kevin McHale Says Patrick Beverly and Jeremy Lin "Have a Nice Symmetry Between Them"

By Dave Daniels
Cleveland Cavaliers at Houston Rockets
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Jeremy Lin and Patrick Beverly have been seeing some time on the floor recently, and it could be a pairing that we see more and more as the year goes on. They off-set each other nicely, because Beverly can lock down on the defensive end while Lin creates for his teammates on offense. They have not been consistent with this yet though, so we will have to see if they can keep their success going as we near the All Star break.

Shooting guard James Harden is still the unquestioned star of the team, but if they are to have more success then the shooting guard will need help. Dwight Howard can help to lock down the paint (not the free throw line though) and so Harden needs his backcourt mates to pick up the perimeter slack when the “Bearded One” is not quite feeling it that night.

“I like those two playing together,” head coach Kevin McHale said to “I thought earlier in the year, they were our best combination on the floor. Those two have a nice symmetry between them. They both enjoy playing with each other. They are very respectful for each other, and they work to help each other.”

We will have to see if respect does them any good when it comes to the playoffs, but the word symmetry is a nice choice by McHale and it fits for the Ivy League graduate to be sure.

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