Los Angeles Clippers Look to Backup Their Backup By Signing Guard Sasha Vujacic

By christopherbrown
Jerome Miron USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers just dusted off another sort-of-retired NBA player and added him to their roster of usual suspects. After wining back-to-back titles with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2009 and 2010, Sasha Vujacic took his talents to New Jersey, playing a solid season with the Brooklyn Nets, of course, while they were the New Jersey Nets, before joining Anadolu Efes of the Turkish Basketball Team.

The injury to Clipper Chris Paul hasn’t been apparent in the their play or their record, but the mileage that Paul’s injury has put on backup point guard Darren Collison is becoming dangerously close to circumstantial mismanagement.

The Clippers’ lack of backcourt debt has been a point of interest for head coach Doc Rivers. Bringing Paul back to an exhausted Collison would infect the team’s growing chemistry. The two play-callers often share time on the court together. An injury to Collison would be a major setback.

By signing Vujacic, the Clipper get a veteran who looks forward to making the headlining shot. In Turkey, the former Laker scored 11 points per game, while shooting 35 percent from behind the arc. Solid numbers for a third option last seen cruising along the Mediterranean with bus full of chain-smoking teammates.

Rivers, in a statement, noted that although Vujacic will be uniform, he doesn’t think he’ll need to wash it anytime soon. Rivers has no immediate plans for Vujacic, but he likes what he sees from the shooter. After forward Stephen Jackson was released, the Clippers were without a player with championship experience. The signing of Vujacic gives the team another shooting point guard who knows how to play an NBA season and return to home for the summer with jewelry.

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