Luol Deng Surprised by Cleveland Cavaliers' On and Off Court Disaster

By kennethbrown
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded for Luol Deng he was supposed to be their savior, even if it was only for the remainder of the season. But apparently even he can’t believe or fix the mess at hand. It’s apparent there’s a lot of anger within the Cavaliers’ team right now, and for the second time within a week rumors have surfaced about the thoughts of their star players. This time it’s the newly acquired Deng who is apparently disgusted by some of the incredibly disruptive and disrespectful behavior being shown both on and off the court.

He has been there less than a month, but he has seen the head coach Mike Brown undermined on several occasions. Supposedly Deng has seen players refuse to play, get thrown out of practice and many other appalling things that just shouldn’t happen within an NBA organization. The Cavaliers’ players were supposedly out partying the night before their awful performance and big loss against the Knicks.

It’s okay for players to have fun, but a team struggling so bad out partying the night before is not right. Teams need to pull together and improve rather than have fun in a way that’s detrimental to their team and fans who ultimately pay their millions of dollars in wages.

Although rumors come out of nowhere and we don’t know how true this is, it seems relevant to all of the other problems that have been discussed regarding the Cavaliers this season. It’s clear they need to make changes beginning with the management and coaching staff, and then they need to certainly offload a few of their arrogant, overrated superstars.

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