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NBA Trade Deadline: 5 Teams That Need Jeremy Lin

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Teams That Need Jeremy Lin

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Jeremy Lin is a more than capable player in the NBA. Lin showed that after his emergence with the New York Knicks. The emergence was known as the birth of Linsanity. Linsanity was a huge deal in New York for quite sometime.

I'm confident in saying that the Linsanity movement still exists in certain parts of New York. With the struggling New York Knicks, most fans would absolutely love to see Lin on the court giving some excitement to the team.

Linsanity eventually became a movie. The movie "Linsanity" was directed by Evan Leong, it starred Jeremy Lin, Daniel Dae Kim and arguably the greatest Chinese basketball player in history Yao Ming. "Linsanity" the movie was released in the country of China during the year 2013.

The 25-year-old Harvard graduate has spent a total of three years in the NBA. Lin has played for the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks and, of course, his current team the Houston Rockets.

In his last 10 games Lin is averaging 11.3 points per game, 5.0 assists per game, along with 2.8 rebounds per game and just under one steal per game with 0.8. Lin has averaged about 31 minutes per game and is shooting a solid 46.3 percent from the field and a not so hot 33.1 percent from beyond the arc.

Houston has been rumored to be shopping Lin along with Omer Asik for quite sometime now. A few trades had been rumored to be completed but the reports never came to be true.

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5. Oklahoma City Thunder

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This was sort of a toss up for me and for a couple of other people I have talked to about the situation. The Oklahoma City Thunder do have an All-Star point guard in Russell Westbrook who is in the middle of making a comeback from knee surgery. Westbrook has missed a huge chunk of the 2013-14 season for the Thunder.

As Westbrook makes his comeback, social media is beginning to stir the pot of the possibility of the Thunder trading him. So where might Russell Westbrook land if he is dealt?

That landing spot may wind up being the Houston Rockets. It's a possibility. If it happens Westbrook would be reunited with his former teammate James Harden. And, of course, Jeremy Lin would wind up on the Thunder roster.

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4. Los Angeles Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers have went through almost a whole roster of point guards this year. At one point there was about five that were injured and that were not expected to play for quite sometime.

Even though Steve Nash is close to finally returning, the whole Lakers organization could benefit from Jeremy Lin. Lin would bring excitement to a depleted Lakers squad that is only 16-31 nearing the All-Star break.

The Lakers have been rumored to be shopping Pau Gasol, yet again. Could you imagine a team of James Harden, Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol? Gasol and Howard have playing experience together, so there could possibly be a connection there.

It is still unlikely the Lakers will make a big move like that as they are now focusing on the draft or what some call "tanking."

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3. Milwaukee Bucks

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This one is sort of a given. The Milwaukee Bucks are the only team that really needs Jeremy Lin.

The Bucks need a lot of things, though. With a record of 8-39, I think some fans believe they need a whole new team. The Bucks missed out on getting Jeff Teague during the free agency period in the offseason and it seems as if they had no back up plan.

The Bucks currently rank dead last in points per game with 91.9. With the addition of Jeremy Lin, I'm pretty sure they would not stay in dead last for very long.

The Bucks could send draft picks the Rockets way, but I'm not sure if they will have enough to offer the Rockets for Lin.

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2. New York Knicks

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Yes, the New York Knicks could use Jeremy Lin. No matter how you look at it the Knicks can use all the help they can get.

Carmelo Anthony cannot do it all. And once that is realized and once that is a proven point maybe the Knicks will make a move at a guy like Jeremy Lin.

Everyone knows that Anthony can drop 40 on you in a heart beat. But in order for him to stay around, the Knicks front office needs to start bringing in some help. The front office needs to bring in some big names to help out a little and contribute to the success of the team.

It would be so crazy if Lin was traded for Carmelo even though there's like a 0.02 percent chance of that actually happening.

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1. Chicago Bulls

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The Chicago Bulls are probably on top of every list imaginable discussing possible landing places for Jeremy Lin.

The Bulls' point guard troubles are well documented with their superstar Derrick Rose going down with injury again. The Bulls have struggled to find a real replacement for Rose. Lin could be that replacement that sets the Bulls straight and I'm sure Chicago fans would embrace Linsanity to the fullest.

Not very long ago a trade was rumored to have been official which would have sent Jeremy Lin to the Bulls, Loul Deng to the Rockets and Omer Asik to the Atlanta Hawks. The trade was reported not long after the Hawks lost Al Horford for the remainder of the season.