Who Won Knicks-Nuggets Carmelo Anthony Trade in 2011?

By Jack Bolesta
carmelo anthony
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In 2011, the New York Knicks, Minnesota Timberwolves and the Denver Nuggets made a 13-player trade that impacted the NBA and sent Carmelo Anthony to New York City.

Looking back, was this a good trade? Who got the better deal in this trade? Would GMs make this trade again?

Before the Anthony deal, New York basketball was fun to watch but never had a chance at winning a championship. We have seen that Carmelo alone cannot take a team to the championship, but he does help teams out.

The full ramifications of this trade are hard to grasp, Melo’s career is not over with the Knicks and the Nuggets still have New York’s 2014 and 2016 first round draft picks. But with Melo getting ready to depart the Big Apple, questions will be raised, one specifically: who won the Knicks-Nuggets Melo deal?

Melo was brought into New York in hopes of leading the Knicks to a championship, along side Amar’e Stoudemire. Melo was originally from New York and becoming a Knick was considered “going back home.” Bringing in Melo was supposed to make the Knicks the biggest Eastern Conference threat.

Here is a look at Carmelo’s Promo for the Knicks:

While in New York, Melo has averaged 26.3 points, 3.0 assists and 7.1 rebounds per game. Since obtaining Anthony, the Knicks have not been able to get past the Eastern semi-finals. Since Carmelo has left Denver, the Nuggets have not gotten past the first round in the Western Conference.

The biggest names that the Nuggets got in the deal were Danilo Gallanari and Wilson Chandler. Not to mention, the Nuggets have the Knicks’ first-round unprotected draft picks. Right now, it looks like the Nuggets could end up with a lottery pick. This pick is huge because the 2014 draft will be one of the most loaded drafts the NBA has seen in years.

Gallanari has been great for the Nuggets, when he can play. While in Denver, he has been averaging 15.5 points, 5.0 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game. Unfortunately, his career in Denver has been plagued by injury.

Chandler was the best pickup for Denver in the 2011 trade. He has been consistent throughout his career while in Denver. He is also one of the team’s leading figures. While playing for the Nuggets, he has been averaging 13.0 points, 5.0 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game. On and off the court, he has been an example of what the Denver franchise is looking for. In 2012, after getting rid of Nene Hilario, Denver gave Chandler a five-year contract extension worth nearly $37 million. It is too bad the Knicks didn’t trade away Stoudemire and kept Chandler.

Recently, both franchises have been suffering from injury problems and both franchises have undergone recent head coaching changes. The Knicks are currently 19-28 and the Nuggets are currently 22-23; both teams are currently out of the playoffs.

It is still early and hard to tell who exactly won the New York-Denver trade, but the Nuggets currently look like they got the better deal. It looks this way because the majority of Denver’s expectations were met in the trade, while the majority of the Knicks’ expectations have still yet to be met.

All statistics credited to basketball-reference.com

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