Will Losing Weight Help Cleveland Cavaliers' Anthony Bennett Become a Star?

By kennethbrown
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers drafted rookie Anthony Bennett hoping he would be another vital piece in their rebuilding plans, but he has been nothing short of a disaster this season. With nothing more than one good game alongside several disappointments, it’s easy to call him a wasted draft choice. If the Cavaliers could make this pick again, it’s 100 percent certain they’d opt for someone other than Bennett, but why is Bennett struggling so badly?

He has suffered from injuries. He’s also struggled to adapt and the Cavaliers aren’t an easy team to play for, but he should have offered more in the first half of his rookie season. When the Cavaliers drafted him they knew they were getting an overweight player, but they thought he was one who would work hard to trim his excess weight and become the vital component they need. He hasn’t done that, and if anything he’s gotten bigger.

It’s harsh to state that Bennett’s weight is what’s holding him back from competing, but it’s true. The youngster is nearly 260-pounds which is ridiculous for a rookie. Some players are near that, but it’s evidently the muscle that brings their weight up so high; one look at Bennett and it’s clear for all to see it’s pure fat. He’s often the sweatiest player on the court after doing the least, and that has to change. His job is to be in basketball shape, and it’s embarrassing to think he’s made little effort to shift his extra weight.

It’s clear there are talents hidden deep within him, but truthfully the extra weight is the reason he’s unable to perform. Hopefully he can work hard to eradicate this problem after the season and come back a whole new player. If he can do that, there’s no doubt he can start to impress his fans and fellow players.

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