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5 Reasons Why Carmelo Anthony Would Fix The Memphis Grizzlies

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Can Carmelo Change the Grizzlies?

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Memphis Grizzlies and Carmelo Anthony are a match made in heaven if you are a fan of the team or player.

The Grizzlies currently sit in ninth place in the Western Division with a record of 26-21 and must find a way to make up ground quickly or the team will be dismantled. The return of Marc Gasol has sparked new life into the team and had them sporting a 8-2 record in their last 10 games. This is the team that has put fear into so many Western Conference powerhouses the last two years and had no one wanting to face them come playoff time. Injuries and age seem to have caught up with them as they have struggled to stay above.500 this season.

Anthony is having another great season, but his team is still stuck somewhere between mediocre and terrible. The full amount of the blame cannot fall squarely on his shoulders. He does have teammates who are often on the injured list, and the ones who are able to make it on the court have not been able to pull their own weight leaving Anthony to fend for himself. He came to the New York Knicks to win championships and has done less winning than he did when he was with the Denver Nuggets.

Both team and player need a shot in the arm fast. The Grizzlies are on the verge of losing their core players if they can't find a successful formula this season that will finally get them to a Finals appearance. Anthony has to be feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders due to the lack of supporting cast that he has around him on an nightly basis.

If these two were to come together before the trade deadline I believe we could see something amazing happen that could salvage everyone's season and careers.

Here are my five reasons why Carmelo Anthony could fix the Memphis Grizzlies.

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5. Mike Conley Will Become Top 5 Point Guard

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Anthony made Raymond Felton and Ty Lawson relevant in the NBA. Just imagine what he could do to the career of ready to break out star in Mike Conley. Conley has been putting up solid numbers for the last two years without a great offensive presence on the floor with him. You add Anthony and Conley’s assists go up plus his shooting percentage as well due to his knack for getting to the hole because defenses will now have to respect the shooting range of Anthony.

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4. Weight Off Shoulders

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No matter how great a player is we always have to remember that they are human as well. Pressure can make or break a person, and most of the time in major sports it will break you. Anthony has been the man on every team he has played on with little or no help and has managed to still lead less talented teams to the playoffs. But in New York the pressure to win is five times more than it is to win anywhere in the world, and it is taking its toll on Anthony. With less pressure on his shoulders he should be able to go out and play freely while not having to worry about carrying a team and city every night.

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3. Team Exposure

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How many times do you get to see the Grizzlies on national TV during the regular season? Not that many, right? If you add Anthony to the mix then that changes drastically. He has a following form his college days, still has a deep following from his Denver Nuggets days and of course he is loved like a rock star in New York. His wife is also a budding socialite, and when you add those together you get more exposure for the organization.

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2. Better Team Defense

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The Grizzlies are known as a defensive team, and Anthony’s presence will only make them better in that department. Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol are great defenders, but they are wasting a ton of energy on both ends of the floor. With Anthony’s scoring ability they can reserve some of their energy for the defensive end because they now have a reliable offensive threat to take some pressure away.

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1. Better Team Offense

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The Grizzlies have been in the need of a wing scorer since they decided to let Rudy Gay go. Randolph and Gasol operate on the block so opposing teams don’t have to respect the perimeter game of any player in a Grizzlies uniform. Anthony changes that as soon as he steps on the court. The inside/outside attack of Gasol, Randolph and Anthony will have the Grizzles near the top of the league in scoring.